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Travel to Island of Sardinia Mountain Town__Experience Wisdom of Startling Prolonged Life Styles

Updated on October 10, 2012

To Experience Wisdom__ Know and Visit Island of Sardinia Italy Someday

Life of exceptional longevity for a small town residents located on west side of Sardinia is known for many years now.

Such exceptional life expectancy merits attention from those who seek wisdom toward healthier community life styles at Hometown USA or elsewhere.

If one enjoys travel and authentic regional cuisine that's and added value in case an actual travel to a Mediterranean coastal town is possible as a vacation or stop over as part of a business trip perhaps with family in future.

This small coastal mountain town of Perdasdefogu located in western side of Sardinia in a Salento region. This coastal mountain town has received attention from scholarly researchers at universities for many years now. Is it their inherited ancestral genes or something else in their culture and life style that makes possible many such residents to reach healthy life of a century and sometimes more?


Arrive by Air or Ferry from Mainland

During summer, I understand the ferry from mainland nearby points in Italy and France are available daily along with air connection to the island of Sardinia.

Sardinia is part of Italy and also adjacent to Island Corsica which is part of France.

Both air connection and ferry connections are thus available from both coastal France and coastal Italy to both island key points.

Comparing Life Styles in America__What Can We Learn?


Before a personal travel to Sardinia, a bit of thoughtful review of knowledge available at the local public library and perhaps from a few knowledgably families, friends and neighbors if available can be worthwhile. I am doing this already now in preparation of my own travel someday to the Sardinia Mountain Town for personal experience first hand.

Consider dear reader, some key statistics. For example, for Italy over all as a nation, is one of the top nations for life expectancy both for men and women. America is in the middle of all nations compared by U.N agency reporting.

Further, a U.S. government agency studies recently found that people with high school education or less have a far lower life expectancy in America than people with higher education achievements.

Photo Album 01__Longivity Small Town Living

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A Hypothesis to Compare America & Corsica Life Styles:


Conversation: So, a key question arises in mind before my travel for first hand experience some of the high longevity townspeople in Corsica, why is it that low educated townspeople in Corsica can remain relatively healthy and live to be 100+ while high school graduates in America is expected to die far earlier than well educated in America ?

More On Hypothesis on American Culture - __ Mass Thinking Mass Method King


In America, everybody talks about Community and very few true communities can exist in this culture where people have a sense of belonging as a key element recognized adds to the life style of this high expectancy Corsican coastal mountain town.

I have formulated a hypothesis to answer this question. The answer has to do with diet, stress and unpleasant culture existing in the lifestyles of poor people and some middle class people in America today. Here is the logic of the hypothesis.

In the small town in Corsica, people have little education, but they live a vigorous life, with healthy diet, clean water and air, and have social structure where people have a sense of belong among family, friends and neighbors in the later years of life.

Contrast in America, if one is less educated, one must live a life of stress, hounded often by some large corporations such as banks, utility services who provide electricity, phone, water and sewer services. If you are unable to pay your monthly bills not having enough income that’s tough. Such organization will hound you till you are completely stressed out to the limit.

Stresses of Everyday Living Combines with Diet in America - Cause of higher medical risks & costs __ due to culture & environment for poor and lower mi


The stress and diet combines to increase the risk of stroke and hear disease and possibly also cancer. So life as you get older is often made further stressful due to onset of disease that can add further to stressful living.

All of these so called “amenity” service in American urban life styles today, costs are going up far ahead of inflation or low income segment of the population. And if your income is low and one has difficulty paying these bills and still have enough money to pay for food and other necessities, survival is difficult at best and impossible at worse.

Fact is that life stressful for Lower Middle Class and Poor in America under the culture that put commercialism and mass thinking are the highest values of society.

Today and yesterday

Life at best is stressful for poor and middle income people with little support structure and little true community support existing today.

In America, mass thinking, mass commercialism is the king. There is very little support such as a sense of belonging in a small town in Corsica.

A Hypothesis to Account for Low Expectancy Life Styles USA - Of Poor & Lower Middle Class in American Culture Today


This is the key issue.

This hypothesized is the main cause for the difference between a poor Sardinia coastal villager living to 100+ relatively good health and there counter part poor Americans in urban cities expected to die far earlier. it is not “genes”, surely it’s the stressful commercial life styles as the highest society value in America.

And yes, it is diet; it is lack of a true community support, particularly in urban America where many poor are forced to live in segregated low income communities today.

Now often having the added issues of not having enough income to pay all of the rising costs in a commercial mass culture of America.

Ok, dear reader at Hometown USA, before you can afford to go to Corsica to experience a life styles that allows one to live relatively disease free years, to 100+ longevity, consider this.

Can “policy” at national or state level ever be wise enough to change the “mass thinking mass method” dominate culture to address such community lacking issue today ?

A Key Question For The Key Isssue


Can American policy makers ever really learn soon enough (in a deade or less not a century or more as in case of segregation) from uneducated rural life styles of a small town in Corsica where many people are able to achieve a life style that allows them to live to 100+ years or more?

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