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Travel Town: It's More Than Thomas the Train!

Updated on February 7, 2017
Travel Town is more than Thomas the Train!
Travel Town is more than Thomas the Train!

The Travel Town Museum Foundation

Whether you are a genuine transportation enthusiast or have young children who love Thomas the Train, Travel Town offers you interesting sights and activities

Located in Los Angeles, California, this park and museum has something for almost everyone. It's not just a dusty display to illustrate old town travel, there are themed parties, field trip sessions, miniature train rides, a gift shop and more. Of course, real trains are on view to give you a glimpse of their past glory days. You'll practically smell the oil and hear the clopping of horse's hooves as you take in the wonderment and history of the place.

Travel Town Railroad Heritage

Preserving the history and artifacts of the western U.S. is the mission of Travel Town. It is an outdoor museum with an emphasis on the railroad's impact on southern California.

A markertravel town los angeles california -
Travel Town Railroad, 5200 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA
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Old Train Station

Train stations like this were common in the railroad's hayday
Train stations like this were common in the railroad's hayday

Travel Attraction

Opened in 1947, Travel Town has morphed into a railroad lover's dream. It did go through a period of also displaying airplanes, trams and the like but today is focusing solely on the railway heritage aspect of its history.

Working together with the city of Los Angeles, the museum and park offers free admission for everyone. There are a number of things to do once you get there and even little ones will have fun.


The Travel Town Railroad offers miniature train rides 364 days a year. They are only closed on Christmas Day. Their track is 3/8 of a mile and your ride consists of twice around the track. There are 5 locomotives and 21 passenger cars to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of tourists that pass through their gates yearly. All cars are scale models of the real thing. A ride costs $2.50 each; $2.00 each for seniors and groups.

Antique Locomotive

Travel Town has real antique trains on display
Travel Town has real antique trains on display

Guided Tours

On the second Saturday of each month, Travel Town offers guided tours through the historic passenger trains. You get to go into the dining car, the club car or see a Pullman Sleeper. Tour hours are 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PST and are subject to weather and a volunteer being available to take you on the tour. Groups must make reservations. For more information or to confirm a tour, call 323-668-0104, ext. 13.

Holden's Corner for the Little Ones

Very young children will love meeting Thomas the Tank Engine at Holden's Corner. There are also stories about trains, games, videos and other activities to keep your little ones having fun. Holden's Corner is held on the second and third Sundays of each month and goes from noon til 4:00 p.m. PST.

Party Facilities

Have you ever thought of having your family reunion in the Travel Town park? How about a birthday party or your wedding reception inside a vintage railway car? You can rent facilities at Travel Town to hold your parties and celebrations. The gift shop offers a ton of Thomas the Tank Engine gifts and party supplies for kids.

Try Travel Town

If Los Angeles happens to be one of your vacation destinations, they why not check out this travel attraction before going? It may be a highlight for you and your family. It's steeped in history, has lots to do and is open every day of the year, except Christmas day. Best of all, admission is free, so hop aboard and enjoy!

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