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Hold your breath before 8 theater world's most beautiful

Updated on July 8, 2016

This 8 theater like the artwork, the symbol of the country and not merely a musical venue.

1. Walt Disney Concert Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

Regarded as the roof of the symphony orchestra in Los Angeles, the Walt Disney Concert Theatre regularly organizes concerts of classical music, modern and jazz, with many different cultural events . Theatre is designed to become one of the most prestigious chamber music world.

2. Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK

Outdoor Theatre of Cornwall county immensely popular with scenery overlooking the Atlantic, suitable for opera performances here. William Shakespeare's play The Tempest in 1932 was the first play to be performed at the Minack theater.

3. Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England

Included in the list of works of English II category (category of work is particularly important), when entering the theater, visitors will feel like you are lost in the spacecraft recently lowered wing. In fact this is the performance space of 750 performances have been built in the space of the auditorium magnificent Great Hall.

4. Theatre Seebuhne, Bregenz, Austria

Floating stage of the theater Seebuhne undergone various transformations for years and has always been one of the best attractions at the Bregenz Festival. Shown is the performance of Verdi's opera entitled "A Masked Ball" in 1999 to perform on a giant book to be read by a skeleton.

5. National Opera House, Beijing, China

Being locals affectionately dubbed the "egg", the National Opera House, designed by French architect Paul Andreu people and was opened in 2007. The theater consists of three large auditorium: room Concerts, theater room and a room of theater, opera singer brings together many famous Beijing.

6. Cristóbal Colón de Teatro, Bogotá, Colombia

Dubbed the beauty of Colombia - one of the world's most beautiful opera house, Teatro de Cristóbal Colón opera house designed by architect Pietro Cantini Italy in 1885 and was the model for the Paris Opera Garnier.

This theater is named after one of the seven wonders of Colombia in the contest in 2007 seeking the valuable works of architecture, history.

7. Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Architecture sail roof of the Sydney Opera House has long been a symbol of Australia. Interior Design splendid interior of the theater is nothing surprising. According to architect Jørn Utzon, he always felt proud that this work has always been welcomed by all.


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