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Bank beautiful almond trees 1,400 years old "fall off" season deciduous

Updated on July 8, 2016

Almond trees 1,400 years old banks in China is key to plant arms Tong King Street becomes strangely seductive when deciduous season. The tourists come to China in the late fall will have the opportunity to admire the gold leaf carpet ravishing.

Autumn, the weather is cool, this is the best time to watch the almond tree deciduous bank.

Bank almond trees are grown in China. Almond trees at Quan Am Pagoda bank is one of the oldest trees in this country. Ngan Hanh tree has the scientific name Ginkgo. Or do they still call it the ginkgo, bank results, tidbits ...

Almond tree bank has reached 1,400 years old, located at Guan Yin temple south end of the city of Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. 1400-year-old almond tree when banks to fall deciduous leaf covered with gold, like a yellow sea, beautiful as paintings, look at that one imagines seeing gold, silver waterfall. Do not know how many more new rhetoric portraying the beauty of this thousand year old tree.

Almond tree bank supposedly the most beautiful plants of China by the hand of the king Tang Taizong (Li Shimin real name) planted. This plant is listed as protected crops in the world. For Chinese people, even as time goes by, though old man, there are changes to this budget almond tree stands, deciduous seasonal, still there this year after year.

But Quan Zen temple in southern Xi'an itself was built in the Tang Dynasty (AD 628 years), and it is believed that banks almond tree thousand years old was sitting spirit of the temple, the most sacred place here, bring love, goodness, luck, peace to men.

Every year to plant deciduous bank season well worth the quarter showing the beauty of it, attracting thousands of visitors. Despite watching a hundred thousand times, but people still are not bored, because banks almond tree leaves fall season with a very strange khut.

Enjoy the happy season tree defoliation banks ravishing:

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