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Suggestions 10 destinations for those who want to hide

Updated on July 8, 2016

Will not get phone reception and no internet course, 10 points to below will take you into a natural world with a feeling spoiled in, apart from the items in contact with the modern world .

Here are 10 points to get you away from the present:

And "young" and is very fresh, speaking geographical terms, the Westfjords throne Peninsula - Peninsula Westfjords in Iceland is one of the most remote places in one of the most remote country on the planet. Photo: iStockphoto

Stretching 150 miles, Wastach reefs in the US state of Utah not far from Provo and Salt Lake City will give you a wild world where grasslands and flower foreground for imposing cliffs of the far side is his knees on the blue sky. Photo: Schultz / usa today

White Pocket, Arizona, United States can only be reached by car. Once you come here, you'll hit the stone towers and canyons pink sand orange magic. This is one of the deepest place in the canyon. Photo: Getty Images

Find your way to the national park Torres del Paine in Chile's southernmost South America is not easy work. However, once here the climbers and hikers will find the imposing rolling mountains, glacial lakes and the natural charm attractive endemic. Photo: Jeremy Woodhouse

Just a minute walk from the main stretch of road in the Cockscomb Mountains in Belize - Central America nation located southeast of Mexico, as you were able to "melt" in the space of lush green forests, waterfalls water, reptiles and vegetation is full of poison. The journey here has always attracted the adventurous hands and nature lovers from all over the world flock. Photo: Animal Planet

While many tourists visit Haleakala National Park on Maui, Hawaii, United States, only some of them decided to "sign painting" to seek new vistas. In the areas that author John Wang arrived, easy to see the immense grandeur of nature and man would suddenly suddenly small. Photo: John Wang / usa today

Ozark plateau with higher peaks 2000feet making numerous valley and waterfall basin between green jungles. Only you and the natural world around when walking through the supply trail washed into a valley deep in any and when reaching a natural promontory (pictured), the feeling came back to conquer the heart of every tourist guest. Photo: iStockphoto

It can take hours of driving to get to registration arrived at Frank Church River Basin conservation area called No Return Wilderness in Idaho, USA. This is one of the biosphere reserves and national parks adjacent area north America's largest. Photo: Animal Planet

At one of the highest points of Frozen Head National Park, Tennessee, United States of climbers easily zoom eye toward the Cumberland plateau, valleys and ridges Great Smoky Tennessee rolling. Photo: iStockphoto

Steens Mountain, 9700 feet high mountains in western Oregon, USA sprang up on the majestic mountain basin with sat watching. You will only find these shrubs, rocks and white patches of snow clinging by the distance. Space is quite cold and full of challenges. Photo: Russell Illig / usa today

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