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Travel tips

Updated on April 12, 2008

Travel Tips

I don’t know about you, but I am always very nervous before any travel.

The thought of a journey is always a very troubling moment in the mind of any traveler no matter the object of the journey.

It may be for business, pleasure, adventure travel or just going on holiday. But the thought of long hours sitting in a car, bus, train, plane or ship is at times not only boring but frightening. In all traveling can be very stressful.

To enjoy your journey and avoid any kind of embarrassment and tensions that could mar an otherwise interesting trip there is the need to do some serious preparation ahead before you travel.

Top travel tips

*Obtain some vital information about top travel destinations by watching the travel channel or reading travel reviews and travel guides, you would be surprised at the amount of information you can get.

*Next tip is to plan ahead and plan well!

Knowing quite ahead when your travel begins would help your mind-set.

Arrange the means of transport you prefer and their schedules.

Also make sure accommodation arrangements are in order especially if you have to stay in a hotel.

Ensure reservations are confirmed. If you can not do all these get someone who masters it to help you, probably travel consultants

You could achieve most of these tasks by consulting travel guides, and visiting travel sites where you are most likely to get great travel deals.

*Get background Information about your destination.

This is especially useful for international travel but generally it is advisable to get background information of any area you have to visit.

If it is out of your country of origin it would help to you to know the common languages used, type of currency, identification papers and visa formalities needed.

Most information concerning a foreign countries can be found on travel websites, embassy website or at your local travel agencies. Also see the International travel tips below.

*Sort out your communications.

If you have a cell phone contract, you can arrange for roaming services with you service provider so that use your phone abroad that way you can stay connected with your family when traveling and inform them if you get into any bother.

With today's technology, communication is increasingly more available. People who travel can also keep in touch through emails and public phones – but don’t always count on these.

When you arrive your destination:

*Keep up to date with local news so you know about potential hot spots.

Besides listening to local news, you can get top stories from local newspapers.

If you have a fixer or a guide then your chances of getting into any undue risk are reduced.

*Get a local friend, often it is the common man such as the street side or

newspaper vendor who can give you a run-down on any unsafe areas, and codes of dress and behavior.

*Do not carry valuables openly, and if you must carry your passport and

money then keep them in a buttoned-down pocket or well concealed on your person.

*Do not drive if you are not used to the terrain. And if at all you have to get a guide,

use your seatbelts and avoid traveling at night.

*The best advice for security when you travel: simply stay aware of what's going on around you.

If you do this, you have a good chance of enjoying a problem-free holiday.

*Relax and feel at home away from home, rather than make yourself a real foreigner in a foreign land.

So, treat yourself to local foods and stay away from your usual staple of burger, spaghetti, etc.

*Be adventurous and have fun in local restaurants and other social outfits.

But be careful not to fall into excesses and get yourself into trouble!

If you follow these tips then you can make an interesting trip to any part of the world

International travel tips offered by Governments.

Apart from the tips offered above most governments offer free advice & travel tips to their nationals traveling abroad, like:

The US Department of State provides country specific latest travel Information and information on their site International Travel. Visit the page by clicking HERE

The UK's Foreign & Common Wealth Office has Travel advice and tips for British travelers on staying safe abroad and what help the FCO can provide if something goes wrong. The range from Travel checklist to advice for disabled travelers. Visit the FCO Page


I am sure you are going to love this, here are

TOP 10 travel advice & tip From Down Under

Provided by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & trade on their Smart Traveler website.

Some of the Information you will find on these websites include:

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