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A Travel Checklist

Updated on February 24, 2014


This is meant to be a quick checklist for use before traveling, some items may not be relevant depending on the type of travel you are going to undertake.


Tickets are normally very important, if traveling by plane, boat or train a ticket is often required so don't leave home without it, unless you plan to buy one at the airport, train station or port. Modern tickets are often paperless so you may just require a locator code for the ticket desk to issue you a boarding card, especially if traveling by air, you can even print out your boarding card the day before travel with some airlines.


Often in this day and age you will be asked for photo I.D. If traveling overseas to a different country then a passport is required but if you are not crossing any International boundaries then a Driving Licence I.D. will often be enough, so long as you have a photo of yourself on it. Work I.D. will also often be enough.


It is very distressing if you get to your destination, or even your departure airport, and find that you have forgotten to bring your money with you. Money can take a variety of forms.

Cash is good but if going to a country with a different monetary system you may want to take some money that you can use at your destination. If changing money I have found that airports generally give some of the poorest exchange rates, in the center of big cities you can often find better deals.

Credit and Debit cards, normally useful if traveling and you can get competitive exchange rates but banks often put an extra hefty charge on top as they feel they don't make enough from us already. They can be a problem if you are relying on them and the bank decides to suspend them, normally without informing you, so you find you can't pay your hotel bill. You then have to pay more for long distance phone calls to get them re-authorized, if the bank is open.

Travelers Checks, probably some of the best exchange rates with these but again some banks charge for en-cashing them, I find cash easier to use.

I almost forgot but don't forget to declare your money if it is a requirement in the country you are entering or leaving as often the authorities have the right to take it all if you haven't declared it, it's not just the banks who need your money.


 Clothes and how many you take on holiday are very important for more than one reason. Many airlines now charge per bag and are very strict in the weight and will charge you extra if you crosss baggage limits even by a small amount.


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