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Hint 3 places Picnic "brand new" near Saigon

Updated on July 8, 2016

This is quite strange phượt point for many people, especially the position close to Saigon.

An outdoor barbecue fantastic with meat, seafood, fresh vegetables marinated favorite taste, in a cool setting, next to loved ones ... was an interesting weekend suggestions for.

1. Tourist Cao Minh, Dong Nai

Only City (from Thu Duc) than 40km ride but it was enough to make tourists fascinated with the lawn soup eye smoking, hanging wooden bridges wiggles side gold leaf trees, but the house red brick countryside lost in classic European.

On arriving here, we will experience the fresh atmosphere of absolute nature, hear crickets and birds singing and watch the fireflies flickering when night. In addition to the fresh atmosphere, cool, poetic beauty, we can enjoy a show, experience the pleasure house with romantic architecture and amenities inside every question looming ancient shade.

2. Floating Tan Lap Village, Long An

It is known as ecological tourism area in Tan Lap floating village, Moc Hoa District (Long An province). Here, you will experience the feeling of going through the forest by canoe down the river under Rach Forest, watching the lotus grassland, grassland gun .. Visitors bases Xeo Mandarin, discover Melaleuca. Mark a trip just to enjoy the natural areas that make up how beautiful!

In the future, this will become a tourist area characterized by Long An and Dong Thap Muoi, with 11 functional areas such as natural conservation areas, floating cottages groaning piles, area wildlife migration .. .. will be formed and pickup.

3. Ho May, Big Mountain, Vung Tau

The highlight of the resort's Lake May 2 artificial lake called Lake Clouds upper and lower Lake Clouds with an area of ​​3ha located on the summit. 2 ponds are designed in elevation difference tens of meters, creating a waterfall has a height of 9m. Once there surely will surprise many people, watching the lake is beautiful and can see the results admirable when people have of creation is a vast and beautiful artificial lakes like this.


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