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Traveling Games For Kids?

Updated on February 13, 2016
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On any trips with my children, I always made a point of having games for them to play. This eliminated much arguing and fighting.

Simple Games May Be The Best

Card games are always fun
Card games are always fun | Source

Travel games are life savers

The simple answer to the question of travel games, is yes. It can be as easy as a deck of cards of as sophisticated as a game on a laptop.

No matter what you choose, the game must be one that keeps the child interested and involved.

Watching movies might be good to keep them quiet, but for a long trip, you need a variety of games. Maybe a book with color crayons is good as long as they don't try to color the car.

There are wonderful children's books for them to read and many electronic games are now available in small sizes for the child's little hands.

A quick walk through the children's section of a large store will open a whole new world for you. There are hundreds of great games for kids, that will keep them from being bored on the trip.

What are the benefits of games for kids

My wife and I can enjoy the drive
The kids can enjoy the ride
There should be much less fighting
The kids might actually learn something
The trip will go quicker
parents and kids can enjoy playing
Games don't have to cost a lot
Your laptop can hold many games
A deck of cards can play many games
At the end of a long road trip, you and your kids will be a lot happier if they have had games to play.

Easy traveling games

Easy games are fun to play on the road
Easy games are fun to play on the road | Source

Travel Games Might Save Your Sanity

Back in the "olden days" as my kids call them, when we hit the road on a trip we had limited travel games that we could use.

My kids would sit in the backseat and read comics, count license plates from other states or we all would play the great travel game "I spy with my little eye".

Of course there was a lot of whinning and moaning about being bored and having nothing to do, and a lot of "he's too close to me".

My wife and I would spend hours trying to find good quality family travel games we could all play, games that would be for all the kids regardless of age.

It was not that easy and many times we would have to stop the car and just let them run around in a park or playground just to get rid of some energy.

Families today have a lot more options when it comes to travel games for kids and for adults also.

There are hundreds of handheld electronic games that really pass the time and keep kids occupied, thousands of great games like Suduko that are in a paper version, kids books and portable DVD players for the movies the kids love.

Most of the time the kids will already have the games they want to take, but a little shopping will go a long way toward getting the right "stuff" to keep the kids occupied.

Remember how to play Hangman?

One of the easiest games for on the road is Hangman, it can be played with a piece of paper and a pencil or a predone game.

My kids used to love this game and they always wanted Daddy to be the one they were hanging.

Hangman is very easy to play

The Most Important Thing To Remember

Kids love games, be it electronic or otherwise. They can be kept busy for hours if given the proper games to play.

A long trip will be much shorter for the kids if they can be occupied.

A parent can maintain their sanity on a trip if the kids are happy. Give them games...keep them happy.

Games, such as a DSL can keep kids busy for a long time

I first encountered a DSL when I saw my grandson playing with one. I was amazed at the way he could share games and information with another person who was also using a DSL.

The games he was playing were very sophisticated and kept hom busy for hours and he was actually learning something in the process.

Don't TORTURE your kids

That's what mine said I did

When my daughter was learning her multiplication tables, she had a difficult time of it, so I came up with a brilliant idea.

I figured the time spent on a road trip could be well spent helping her learn the tables. I recorded the tables on a portable tape recorder and had her listen to them over and over again.

This made perfect sense to me, after all, repetition is the best way to learn. Little did I realize that all these years later, the kids still talk about how I "tortured" them by having that tape recorder running during our trips.

Oh Well!!! Don't do this to your kids, make the trip fun by letting them pick out the travel games and devices they want to take on your trips.

There are so many options these days and many are good for adults to.

How About A Little Quiz

Pretty much everyone has been on a road trip with kids.

Take the quiz and see if you like the same games as other parents.

What Games Are Best On A Road Trip?

Which type of game do you think is best on a trip

See results

Board Games Are Great Fun

Maybe a laptop computer could be your answer - There are thousands of games that can be downloaded

Not only can you download hundreds of games for them to play, but they can watch movies as well.

I hate to even mention it, but they can actually do some homework on their laptop. Please don't tell the kids I said that!

Many of the new smaller laptops are just the right size for kids. Some even turn into tablets or have stands to watch their videos.

If you go to a motel, they can hook up to Wi-Fi and play games, just like at home.

Not all travel games are electronic

How about travel games that are in paperback

I know it's hard for some kids to believe....but.....there are games that are not electronic.

Depending on the age of your kids, they could try crossword puzzles, suduko, comics or even ......I know this is hard to believe, but they could read a book.

We even brought a deck of cards along so the kids could play Rummy or Go Fish, Crazy Eights or even Gin.

When we got bored we would make up our own card games. Give the kids a chance to try their imagination and see what comes up.

My kids really enjoyed the times that we, as a family played games together. These were special times and we all got to know each other a little better.

Too often kids play games by themselves and they forget how to be part of a group. Make sure to have "special" time with your child, so you can form a lasting bond.

Note To Self

My kids are human beings!!!

Give them something fun to do while traveling

A child doing something is a happy child

YES, we all can survive a long road trip

What about portable DVD players

A good option, but not my first choice

It seems to me that kids today watch a lot of TV.

I know that many of the new cars and SUVs have built in TV's and DVD players, but this should be about your third choice when it comes to entertaining the kids.

If you are on a very long road trip, the other traveling games may start getting old, and the kids may get bored with them.

Variety is the name of the game when traveling, so when the other games aren't keeping them busy, break out the portable DVD player and fire up a movie.

There are thousands of good videos for kids of all ages. Make sure that you get the ones that are right for your child and might even be a little educational.

Make Sure They Look Out Of The Car Windows

When on a long trip it is easy to just forget about the kids in the backseat. As long as they are quiet, that seems to be OK.

But that isn't really the point of a road trip.

Sometimes, you might want to take away all their toys and make them look out of the window. Discus with them what they see and try to relate these things to something that is happening in the country at that moment.

A little conversation and education on the road can be very beneficial to the kids and also to the adults.

You never know what you can learn from your kids.

Have a WONDERFUL TRIP - Make it great for the kids

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    • PaulaMorgan profile image

      Paula Morgan 7 years ago from Sydney Australia

      My kids say we tortured them with family sing-a-longs but secretly I think they love those memories now. These days kids all put headphones in and the car is silent which is great but I think we lose out in the long run so I vote for your list of non electronic games for family fun

    • maplesyrup59 profile image

      maplesyrup59 7 years ago

      Now that my kids are older they entertain themselves with their own ipods, but when they were younger we used to have the most fun with non-electronic games such as "what is the capital of" , "I spy" and many others.