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Five places everyone must visit if they are travelling in asia

Updated on August 19, 2016

Five places must visit in asia

Travelers who stirred the world often get questions about what continents and countries should be visited by those who just started to fill their travel map. Once I get this question, I always reply with another question: and what is your goal of traveling? This is important because one likes to lie by the pool and sip drinks all day. Others want to meet the locals and their way of life, taste the local dishes and explore the country they traveled to.

Today, I, William from Travel Ticker, am going to share a short list of five place in Asia which is a must-visit for all who are looking for a place to go. These destinations are actually quite an excellent starting point in order to get to know the Asian culture and to see the real beauty of this vast continent.

1. Krabi, Thailand

Usually, then people are talking about Thailand, they are talking about Bangkok. It is a real tourist capital city. In Bangkok everything is very well adapted for tourists, especially for those who want to have fun. Of course, prices are higher than in other regions of Thailand.

However, if you are already in Thailand, I would recommend visiting other gorgeous areas of the country. For example, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or my most favorite place in Thailand - Krabi island.

If you want to experience and see the real Thailand – Krabi is really the best place. Nature there is amazing and not intact by human hands. Here you will find tigers temple, and you can spend a day with the elephants, sail boats and reach places that were filmed in Hollywood movies. However, most visitors to the island remember the peace and nature there - it will leave a lasting impression.

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Malaysian capital city is a great place for those who enjoy the natural tranquility and bustle of the city. Here you will find the famous Petron Twin Towers, known as the Asian twin towers. The city is growing rapidly, but it is very convenient to travel it by metro.

As in many Asian cities, it is relatively quiet here during day. But when the sun sets down, the real life begins. Food prices on the street range from 1 to 5 Euros. Thus, even without a lot of money will be able to choose what to eat or try out. I am most fascinated by Kuala Lumpur’s Batu Caves. These are millions of years old rocks dedicated to Hindu deities. One of the largest temples can be seen after overcoming about 270 steps. Next to the stairs did not go unnoticed the 42-meter-high gilded statue of Hindu goddess of war.

3. Singapore

This is a state, which consists of a large city. In my eyes, Singapore is the most western. Metro, transport, shops and buildings create an impression that let you forget that you are in Asia. Everything around is new. Of course, such a modern city has a much higher prices than elsewhere in Asia too. For example, a dinner at a restaurant costs just as in the United States. And there is no shortage of places where the prices are even higher.

Food prices in stores are very similar, so buying and cooking food is not expensive either. If you are planning on staying in Singapore for more than a day, I would suggest renting an apartment, which has a kitchen. You can save a lot of money by cooking food at home.

Special entertainments in this town are also easy to find, but the biggest impression, however, is left by the modern skyscrapers. For example, the Marina Bay Sands which is the 55-story hotel with on the rooftop installed swimming pool and botanical gardens.

4. Cebu, Philippines

This is a city that made the most impact for me personally. Upon arrival to Cebu I saw that it is completely different than other Asian cities. Most of them were full of small vehicles - scooters and motorcycles. Cebu was full of cars, and local tuk-tuks. There, as in other major cities in Asia, the air is polluted. Frequent smog lingers throughout the entire day. Therefore, foreigners here often get sick - I was no exception and after a few days I began to cough.

We've all heard that in Asia there is no shortage of locals who live miserably. However, in Cebu I saw it with my own eyes. Once were got there, we found the social worker asked her to show us the areas where people live in deprived that we could spend the day with children - to play football, or the like. We did. The whole day was really fun, but seeing how a family of 8 people life without electricity, water, and beds were sad. Even more sadder is to hear that people try to escape from the constant hunger by taking drugs... Children do that too. Visit this city, get shocked and you will reevaluate how much we have at home.

5. Bali, Indonesia

And how can I not mention Bali? This is still my number one country of all 35 states I visited. For me personally, Bali Island is a paradise on earth. And here's why. Food is cheap, housing is affordable, there is always a good weather and beautiful people. You can still add that beautiful nature, cheap fuel and cheap scooters for rent. Everything you need!

I will give you a golden piece of advice: if you do not know from which place you should begin to travel in Asia, Bali Island is an excellent start. Bali is one of the most popular and most visited destinations in Southeast Asia. If you like surfing - there is also a perfect place to do so.

Distances on the island are not large, so rent a scooter and you will quickly reach all desired locations. With public transport, it might get a bit more difficult. Personally, I have not seen any public transports at all, but taxis here are pretty standard and not that expensive.

© 2016 William Prevost


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