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Travel in Turkey

Updated on April 23, 2015

Turkey Travel

Turkey - the gateway between Europe and Asia is a fascinating country for people all over the world. The country has seen several dynasties as well as conquests come and go. Turkey has imbibed the cultural and intellectual influences with each ruler and what we see today is the splendid blend of East and the West, with a bit of its own inherent beauty. Turkey travel has left several tourists from around the world baffled. The balance of western and conservative lifestyles, the remarkable buildings, the breathtaking country side, the unique cuisine and the sites of historical importance could leave even the most seasoned traveler speechless.

An essential guide to Turkey travel

This Eurasian country has it all. It boasts of a civilization that dates back to 9000 B C and several historic legends are known to have walked on the lands of Turkey. From the time of Achilles to the Byzantine era as well as the advent of Islam, the history and culture of the country has always been evolving. Each one of them has left an everlasting imprint on the country’s socio-cultural legacy. Turkey is predominantly an Islamic country with a secular democratic government, but a majority of the people is western inclined. The country has embraced modernization and is rapidly moving towards economic development.

Turkey is a Mediterranean country with the Black Sea to the north and Aegean Sea to the west. Turkey shares its borders with Bulgaria and Greece to the west, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to the northeast and Syria, Iraq and Iran to the southeast. Because of these several neighboring countries, Turkey has absorbed cultural influences from them too. You can also find traces of Balkan and Caucasus culture in certain parts of the country. Some pockets of this country will be Middle Eastern – Oriental, while other regions will be more European than the rest. All these diversities in culture and society are essentially a part of Turkey. Your Turkey travel will be a revelation.

If you are interested in Turkey travel, you will find a number of places which caters to both mainstream as well as unconventional tourists. Turkey’s capital city is Ankara. The second most important city is Istanbul. This is a major tourist center and is filled with mosques, palaces and several other buildings of historical importance. Antalya is the hub of beach resorts. Bodrum - features a Roman ruin citadel and is a trendy holiday spot for vacationers during the season. Konya is the heart of the Sufi order. In this city you can visit Rumi’s tomb and witness the charming Seljuq architecture. Gallipoli has several WWI memorials while Ephesus is home to the ruins of the Roman city. Mount Nemrut is a UNESCO World Heritage site and here you can find majestic head statues of ancient Gods on its peak. Oludeniz boasts of the most beautiful and picture-perfect beach in all of Turkey.

Since Turkey boasts peaceful harbors, lush gardens, golden beaches with azure seas, coffee shops and restaurants as well as nightclubs, the country goes all out to make Turkey travel friendly and comfortable.


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