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Travelling My Way

Updated on January 27, 2014

The alternative travel guide

This article is an introduction to a new travel writing cycle I have planned and already started creating. If you're looking for a luxury, static holiday, you probably won't find anything to your liking here - travel agency is your best bet. But if you happen to be allergic to travel agents (like me!) and look for some dynamic adventure then we're on similar paths and you're likely to get inspired by my wanderings.

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What is Travelling My Way all about?

In truth, the title explains it all.

I have itchy feet and a lot of time on my hands which logically equals plenty of trips here and there. At some stage I realised what a wealth of knowledge I'm bringing back from my journeys - in pictures, memories of places, travelling tips and spontaneous adventures that somehow always seem to happen. What a waste to let it all be forgotten! I've decided to create a travelogue instead, extremely individual, but hopefully also inspiring and helpful if you ever decide to follow in my steps.

It is not my aim to talk you into packing your suitcase and copying my journeys. I don't mind if you do, but I want to inspire, not to persuade. I want to express the joy that travelling light brings and I believe this kind of joy is highly contagious. If you decide to go and see the places I write about for yourself - great, I'll try to provide as many tried and tested tips as I can. If you're too far from my piece of the world, but reading the articles makes your feet itchy - why not explore colourful spots within your range and create your own adventures? Even if you simply re-live my journey in your imagination, I will consider my project successful.

One more thing - this is not a commercial venture. I'm not getting paid for writing about places I visit which means I can be honest. If I don't like a spot, there is no fat cheque to stop me from saying loudly and clearly how much I hated it and why. If I fall in love with a place and rave about it, you can be sure it's because I genuinely experienced something positive, not because I get percentage of sales.

On the road

On the road
On the road

Photo by Tiggered

Travel destinations, My Way

I live in Ireland - which is why the bulk of my writing consists mainly of Irish travel. It's much easier to jump into my car with a tent on the back seat than to go through the hell of airports and air travel. It doesn't mean I don't get out now and again, but the Green Island is the most obvious destination for my trips.

I tend to keep out of the big cities - I live in one, so I crave to experience something different whenever I can get out. Besides, Mother Nature beats all the man-made structures 9 times out of 10.

I'm allergic to tourist offices and so-called 'main tourist attractions'. Places on the official itinerary are usually crowded, boring, painfully uniform and - in most cases - a total rip-off. I don't like feeling like a cow to be milked - that's why I try to explore the less known spots. I never regret it.

The more colour, the better

The more colour, the better
The more colour, the better

Budget travel

I achieved mastery when it comes to travelling for pennies. My wallet is empty most of the time, so over the years I've learned how to go and see places without spending cash or spending minimum. This means you will not find me recommending any luxurious hotels or expensive activities. I don't feel particularly restricted by lack of money - it helped me to distinguish between places giving me real value for what I pay and tourist traps programmed to squeeze the last coin out of you.

Don't you ever believe that if you have no cash, you cannot travel! Rubbish! True, it takes a bit more effort, but it's entirely possible to travel in a cost effective way.

In Travelling My Way I'm sharing plenty of tips on how to make your money take you further. I've tested them all.

You never know where the road will take you...

You never know where the road will take you...
You never know where the road will take you...

Photo by Tiggered

Golden rule of Travelling My Way

I've personally visited and explored places I write about. If I write about a restaurant - I've eaten there, if I mention a hostel - I've slept there, if I describe a hill - I've climbed it. This approach makes me able to give you some honest, personal travel tips instead of sponsored rubbish from a glossy brochure.

If you think I've missed a spot worth mentioning - do invite me over! Drop me a line to say I should visit this or that - I'm always hunting for new places to see. I may follow your suggestion and check it out.

Been there, done that...

Been there, done that...
Been there, done that...

Photo by Tiggered

The only thing left now... to invite you to hop along.

You will find the list of Travelling My Way articles below. I will add fresh links as soon as I publish a piece, so do check back to see if there's anything new.

Time for your say. If you have any suggestions or feedback, this space is for you.

Travelling your way

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    • Timewarp profile image


      6 years ago from Montreal

      Good luck with your travel series!

    • Country-Sunshine profile image

      Country Sunshine 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Some of the best trips I've ever taken were spontaneous road trips. I take time out to read historical markers, or go into local diners. No big chain restaurants for me! I don't make advance room reservations. Instead, just find a place along the way. It is amazing what you can find if you just take the time.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I really like the concept of your lenses - to travel in a different, more personalized and cheaper way. Thanks for some great lenses!


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