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Travel Tips For Tourists Who Are Going to Visit South Africa

Updated on September 8, 2015

Are you crazy about traveling? Have you seen almost all European towns and are right about to look for another, more exotic destination that will bring you fascinating emotions, tons of unbelievable memories and hundreds of unforgettable photos? If extreme is what you currently lack, then South Africa should become your number one destination! Let us have a closer look at those tips you should consider before this unusual travel.

Learn More About the Country

If you have already visited other countries of the world, you probably took your time to find out more about the location and the places of interest that were worth your attention there. When it comes to South Africa, your research should be more profound and goal-oriented. This is because the country is very different from those you have ever visited. It can boast a specific cultural background, diverse religious beliefs, versatile climate and even a certain degree of risk.

To start with, it is better to find out the official aspects of your trip. If you travel in a company of your friends of with your family members (especially kids), it makes sense to learn more about the visa and other official documents you will require to be allowed to visit the country. You will also have to be aware of versatile official regulations that exist on its territory to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected situations. These and other recommendations and tips are available at - the official website of the South African Government, where you will find answers to all your official questions.

Discover the Characteristics and Unique Sides of South Africa

Now that you are aware of the importance of learning the official side of your trip to South Africa, it is high time to find out more about the country itself. What you should know is that the country is quite large and its territory is twice as large as that of France and five times larger than the territory of Britain. No wonder, the climate, religious beliefs and traditions range a lot from one part of South Africa to another, so find time to learn more about the destination you have chosen for your trip.

Regardless the location you are planning to visit, browse through This website is much more than just the resource describing the beauty and peculiarities of South Africa. This is that very place, where you will be able to find out more peculiar and detailed info about the country. When I visited the country for the first time, this resource became my travel guide around South Africa. If there was anything I needed to find out (and if there was Wi-Fi connection, of course), I browsed through the site. Listed below are the main things I was lucky to discover:

  • The climate of South Africa is generally mild, each location has specific temperatures and moisture rates that are listed at the site as well
  • You don’t need to get any extra immunization before visiting the country, but you have to know that there is a risk to fall ill with malaria during your trip, because it is widespread is such parts of the country as the Kruger National Park (the world of safari) and the northern Kwazulu Natal location.
  • If you accidentally need medical help, it is easily available in local hospitals and private practices. Pharmacies are open round-the-clock, so getting medications is not a problem. It is better, though, to take care of your medical insurance in advance.
  • There are 11 languages that are spoken in South Africa, but the most widespread and popular of them are English, African dialects, French, Spanish etc.
  • No matter what country you visit, you have to take safety precautions there. South Africa is not an exception. The most dangerous areas in the country are marked with special symbols or boards, so just avoid them and everything will be ok. Do not walk alone in the streets during the night hours and always keep the money, valuable devices and copies of your official documents in a safe place.

What Kind of Transport to Choose?

There are different kinds of transport you can use to travel across the country. You can choose to travel by train, by bus and even on foot, but this will hardly bring you the expected effect you wish to get from your trip. The most convenient and popular option is to rent a car and get a chance to travel to different locations without any problems. Among a variety of car renting services, is the one that uses special popularity in South Africa. It offers a wide choice of automobiles, affordable rates, customer support and other crucial car renting options a traveler may need.

These are only a few tips that can make your travel to South Africa memorable and pleasant, so don’t overlook a chance to take them into consideration!

What is the Most Important Thing a Tourist Should Know About South Africa?

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    • alekdo profile image

      Aleksey Donets 2 years ago from Cherkassy, Ukraine

      If you really wish to see the wild animals in their real living conditions, then you won't find a better place that Safari! Believe me! I have visited one of the National Parks during my trip to South Africa and I was fascinated by the view! I've never been in such Zoos before and I’m sure, I'll never be there afterwards! That is my personal piece of advice to you!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i would like to visit the wild animals, it is better than visiting the zoo