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Tips that should help your car journey with children

Updated on January 25, 2013
Try reading them a story if YOU can read while travelling.
Try reading them a story if YOU can read while travelling.

Turn The "Possible nightmare"' Into Loads Of Fun

Every time I got into the family car ,as a child I would begin to feel sick. The minute the engine started -----that was it. My younger brother sitting next to me like a beautiful angel with his big blue eyes, blonde hair and beamimg smile must have been such a joy to my parents. Then there was I must have been a real 'pain in the neck' to mum and dad. "Moaning Minnie" complaining again before we reach the end of the road. ..'Aaaargh ! Stop please . I'm going to be sick.'

"No you're not it's all in the mind,.. Start counting all the lamposts that we pass. It will take your mind off it."

Lamposts? Please!.I could not think of anything more boring.? Another favourite idea from the grown -ups in what my grandchildren now call 'the olden days.'was to sit on a newspaper.

"Pardon? How can it possibly stop me from feeling sick, sitting on a newspaper?"

Don't be cheeky. Do as you're told. Sit on the newspaper.

OK (but I still feel sick)

"And DON"T read..!!!! that will make it much worse. " (I was always such a bookworm but yes for sure reading would have made the nausea much worse).

So, dear readers, how do we manage today when the problem is rarely feeling sick but boredom. ? Todays' 'nightmare' journeys are usually because you have 2 or 3 even 4 or more children bored out of their tiny minds.

It doesn't matter what brilliant idea you came up with. New toy. New game. The ploy seems to work only for a very short time before we hear the famous chorus of "Are we nearly there yet?"

So, what can we do before a minor argument in the back seat turns into a rehearsal for world war 3 ?

Chocolate.? No. no. no.! Sweets, in moderation yes.

1. Not the slippy, slide fruit drops that a little one could choke on. Chewy, fruity sweets are safer.

2. Instead of the boring lampost count it can be fun to look out for red cars. or depending on the childrens' ages , who can count the most red cars and white cars going passed. (Cars only at this point. Trucks don't count)

3. Who can count the most trucks and buses.

4. "Listening books" for children can be a wonderful hour of peace for mum and dad. Again depending on the ages of the children, you would have to discuss beforehand the kind of story that would appeal to all of them. If you have only 1 or 2 children this is obviously much easier. You may be able to let them have a story book each, Have a strict rule that when one childs' favourite story is coming through the speakers, the others have to be quiet, and the same with next child when their choice is playing.. You may be lucky enough to find that all the children like all the stories.(OK That may be pushing it a bit. I'm trying to be positive.)

5.We're talking long journeys here so the focus will continually be shifting from one thing to another and one child always gets tired before the others, but don't fret. No need for nervous breakdowns on the way to visit Grandma...After listening to book stories they may be ready for sing along time."If you're happy and you know it clap your hands, (clap clap)etc., It's adored by small children all over the western world . ....

6.Oftentimes the youngest in his car seat may be sleepy by now. So you may get some peace and quiet as long as the 'awake ' children behave themselves.. If they are old enough to read .You could encourage them to look for roadsigns, Before the journey if you make sure they each have a piece of paper and a pencil, that you will have already written on. You'll have checked your roadmap and written the names of any big towns or cities between your house and your destination.. If your children keep looking for the next town that is on their piece of paper and they can tick it off when you've been through or passed the town. They'll get excited because they know they are getting nearer with every name they tick off.

Imagine the joy of your little treasures when there is only one town or city left on their papers. They'll be so excited because they know once they see that last name they'll be allowed to sing again that old chorus of "Are we nearly there yet?" And the answer will be .....YES........


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  • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

    Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

    Thanks for getting back to me. WannaB

  • wannabwestern profile image

    Carolyn Augustine 6 years ago from The Land of Tractors

    Here in the states we have welcome centers near all the state lines, where usually you can get free printed roadmaps. If kids are old enough you could highlight the travel route and let them circle each town they pass through. I think the toughest age to keep happy while travelling is 2 1/2 to 4. They can't read, don't like to be bound up in their car seats for long, etc. We invested in an in-car DVD player for a 3-day long journey and it was a lifesaver, especially since it was new.

    I'm sorry to hear you got so motion sick as a youngster. That is a dreadful experience for someone who can't control their circumstances! Regards

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

    Dim Flaxenwick 7 years ago from Great Britain

    Thanks for still reading my 'stuff' while I'm hardly ever near a computer to keep up.

    Can't wait to get back to normal (ha ha , the idea of me being 'normal')

    Apparrently our boxes have at least finally left Tenerife. like, er 3 or 4 weeks latr than expected. Now just hope they turn up at right place and the computer will be 1st thing unpacked. Hope you ok. Take care. Dim x

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 7 years ago

    Are we there yet? "There" I hope we'll soon be!

    For now dear Lord- I have to pee!