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A walk in a tropical rainforest - tropical rainforest plants and sights

Updated on May 6, 2011

Tropical Rainforest Walk

Experience a walk in the tropical rainforest in D'Angular National Park, Mount Glorious. This rain forest is 20 minutes drive from the city of Brisbane. This lens is designed to enable you to feel as if you are a part of the tropical rainforest biome, seeing the rainforest plants close up, experiencing the sights and imagined smells and sounds, as I did on my walk.

(Rainforest Walk Photos - Copyright worldwide 2008 - Ron Passfield)

How to Take This Rainforest Walk

My suggestion is that you view the following one minute video of the images in my lens first.

This will give you a depth and perspective that the still photos cannot give you. You will then see the photos in a new light. After viewing the video, take a slow stroll through my rainforest lens ... and imagine the sights, sounds and smells of a living rainforest.

If you double click the video image you will be taken to YouTube where you will see the full sized video (don't forget to return if you do).

This video was produced from the images in this lens using:

Animoto - turn digital photos into videos

What is a Biome?

Here's the Wikipedia definition:

A biome is a climatically and geographically defined area of ecologically similar communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms, often referred to as ecosystems. Biomes are defined based on factors such as plant structures (such as trees, shrubs, and grasses), leaf types (such as broadleaf and needleleaf), plant spacing (forest, woodland, savanna), and climate. Unlike ecozones, biomes are not defined by genetic, taxonomic, or historical similarities. Biomes are often identified with particular patterns of ecological succession and climax vegetation...

For more information, visit Wikipedia

Daintree Rainforest Conservation

A short film highlighting the value of the vast biodiversity found in the Daintree rainforest. The film intends to educate people of the threat this remaining Australian rainforest faces from property development and the projects undertaken by Rainforest Rescue in order to protect this vital ecological resource. (Includes great Aussie conservation song).

Video promotes the work of Rainforest Rescue

Tropical Rainforests on YouTube

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