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Turkey Vacation

Updated on April 23, 2015

Turkey Vacation

Turkey is a wonderful destination for vacationers. It has emerged as one of the most popular countries in the world to attract tourists. The rich heritage, the ancient structures, and the seaside resorts are the main factors that makes Turkey vacation so celebrated. Not only that, the country is known to have shared its tryst with history and several of Turkey's cities are as ancient as the Bible itself. The tourist centers in Turkey will take you back in time. Turkey will offer you on a golden platter the modernity and sophistication of the West with an exotic Middle Eastern flair.

About Turkey

Turkey is not just sun, sand and beaches. The country is so steeped in history that the oldest civilization dates back to 9000 B C. Over the millennia, centuries and decades the country has evolved spiritually and historically. Faiths have come and gone and they left behind rich legacies which impacted the culture of the people. Turkey vacation is incomplete without a visit to places of historical and spiritual importance. Trabzon is a major destination in Turkey. Christians flock to the Sumela Monastery for the purpose of pilgrimage. In Sanliurfa, Mevlid-i-Halil Mosque, Prophet Eyyup's Cave, Harran as well as the cave where Prophet Abraham was born are notable cultural-spiritual tourist destinations.

The people of Turkey have realized the importance of spa resorts as part of the campaign to promote its tourism. Because of its idyllic Mediterranean climate, Turkey attracts a number of tourists who just want to relax and be pampered. Tourists treat themselves to luxurious massages, treatments and facials in order to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. A Turkey vacation to the thermal spas is a must. Thermal spas are nothing but places that offer therapeutic treatments to people. A dip in geo-thermal springs rich with minerals essential for a person's well being is the main attraction of these spas.

Turkey boasts of world class health care facilities with state of the art hospitals and highly skilled western trained physicians and surgeons. The cost of medical care in Turkey is just a fraction compared to the cost in the US. Ever since the country has applied to join the European Union, Turkey has undertaken a great crusade to improve its medical standards equivalent to the West. The government and private medical organizations have applied top notch quality and techniques to their medical procedures making health tourist another factor for Turkey vacation.

If you just want to enjoy yourself without any care, then Turkey is the place where you want to be. Apart from idle and leisure, Turkey is also fast emerging as a wedding and honeymoon destination. In fact, it is the most preferred wedding tourism destination in the world. People from the Middle East prefer to exchange their vows here because they believe that Turkey is a holy place. Royal families from that region celebrate their weddings surrounded by the spell-binding beauty of the beaches, cities and country side and this is precisely the reason for Turkey's increasing popularity in this sector.


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