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Turkish Translation When Traveling To Turkey

Updated on September 15, 2014

Turkish To English Translation

If you ever thought about traveling to Turkey, then you must have the ability to communicate on some level. In order to understand the ways and context of the Turkish culture, being familiar with the Turkish language is a must. Using online translation service will give you assistance in getting an immediate translation of phrases, words, and texts from Turkish to English and other foreign languages that you will need.

The Turkish Language

Being the official language of Turkey. Turkish has been widely used all over Turkey. Turkish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in central Asia; and by substantial communities in the Balkans. Furthermore, since Turkish has distinctive characteristics in the language, a lot of native speakers of the Indo-European languages find it quite challenging to learn.

Since 1928, Turkish is written in a variation of the Latin alphabet (after countless of years using the Arabic form, it's apparent in many historical documents and texts)

Furthermore, Kurdish is also used by approximately 7-10% of its population. While in the Northeast (as well as in Georgia), several other languages such as Laz exists. In general, those who are residing near the margins and on the other side in the Southeast will often use the Turkish language as well.

English to Turkish Translation

Among the younger generation, English has been increasingly popular as a foreign language. However, due to lack of practice and exposure, their proficiency tends to be poor. As a way to increase your chances of being understood, make it a habit to stick with simple words and stay away from long phrases and sentences.

A lot of elderly citizens aren't familiar with English. Though, they do still try to help you any way they can with gestures or similar words. Also, there are areas in Turkey where English to Turkish translation is generally non-existent. These are the places outside the major cities such as: Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara; and tourists destinations like Anatolia and Bodrum. It's ideal to take a phrase book with you and prepare yourself for slow communication with a lot of hand gestures.

Luckily, due to migration, even rural areas in most villages will have at least one who has worked in Germany. Hence, someone who can speak German. Same goes for other West-European languages like French or Dutch. Due to recent immigration from Balkans, it also increases the chances of coming across native Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, and Albanian speakers. Typically in big cities of western Turkey.

A Little Bit Of Turkish History

Found in 1923 from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, thereafter, Turkey created secular laws to replace classic religious fiats. In the year 1945, Turkey joined the UN and became a member of NATO in 1952.

On top of that, there's an evidence that the Bed of the Black Sea was once an inhabited plain during prehistoric times, but was flooded by rising sea levels. Similarly, the Mount Ararat, standing 5,165 m tall is the country's highest peak. Rumors are also circulating that the mountains located on the far eastern edge of the country was the landing place of Noah's ark.

Turkey offers a plethora of getaway spots to travelers: from Roman ruins along the southern and western coast, to dome-and-minaret filled skyline of Istanbul; from cold and snowy mountains of the east, to sun-drenched beaches of the East; from wide steppe landscapes of Central Anatolia to luxuriant misty mountains of Eastern Black sea; and from Middle-Eastern flavored cities of Southeastern Anatolia, to crazy “foam parties” of Bodrum. It doesn't matter if you'll be traveling on a tight budget or if you spend lots of money. Without a doubt, there's always something in store for every traveler out there.

A faster way to make translations

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