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Unique and Inventive Camping Ideas

Updated on June 16, 2012

a collection of camping and festival gear sure to spark your interest

This page is devoted to cool camping gear and music festival ideas that my girlfriend and I have run across while on the internet. We wanted a place to start collecting these ideas, so why not here! Obviously we don't own these things, but they're on our wish list!

From time to time, we do buy equipment, and we'll put a review up of the product! Please feel free to leave comments! Please like us if you like the page!

We also may put up festival photos and recommendations here and there! Thank you for visiting! Peace and Love!

The Closest Thing to the Real Van. - camouflage yourself at the festie

This is an ultimate want. Be the talk of the festival and make yourself a landmark with this tent. The next best thing is the real van, but who can afford that these days? Reasonably priced as far as quality tents go, you should defiantly check this thing out!

Why be bored? Games on a Cot!

a make your cot useful

This is using your head. We're not the biggest fan of cots, the ground feels good to us, but if you like them, might as well get this one! Play a game of checkers or a beanbag toss game, you can't really go wrong.

The Easiest Tent You'll Ever Use - pop it up, sleep.

Man, this thing is defiantly one of the most unique products we'll feature on this lens. It really makes us wonder, "why hasn't this been done before??" I mean what's the worst part about camping in a tent? Setting up and breaking down! Problem, solved.

Pop-Up Bicycle Trailer!

good stuff on wheels

If your a biker, then this is for you, just hope you've been biking for a while! It's not too heavy, but the price sure is. This is defiantly not for beginners, but if you think you can haul it and you've got the dough, do it.

The Van. Is Back.

"where's the device that can speed and slow the passage of time?"

"under the seat"

dudes, so my friend chris posted this up on facebook, and it just has to be spread. i mean i really never thought our generation would ever get a bus, and volkswagen, you have delivered, especially for us indoor hippies. this van can literally double is size, and the inside is clean and stylish. not sure of the price tag, but its the first thing i'm getting when i win the lottery. thank you vw!

Treepee. - brilliant

So besides the obvious coolness, this thing is rather functional. they're a little new, and the site is pretty basic, but its pretty sweet right? only downside: gotta find the right tree.

Concept Design for New Tents

get this, its solar

So can you just imagine a whole tent city of these things! We think this is absolutely awesome, and we really hope they will continue on with this design. Man this would be amazing walking festival grounds and seeing this, right?! If you hear any new news about this let us know!

Eh, It's ok...

Eh, It's ok...

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    How do you feel about the Solar Concept Tent?

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      • anonymous 3 years ago


      • Shamim Rajabali 3 years ago from Texas

        Cool idea

      • sha-ron 3 years ago

        That looks great. I love anything with solar energy

      • pbovenkamp 3 years ago

        Very cool . . . the other campers might make fun of us, though.

      • josietook 3 years ago

        Also love the treepee

      • cwilson360 3 years ago

        This is awesome!

      • anonymous 4 years ago


      • markthackerphoto 4 years ago

        Very cool, but small...

      • erbeaz 4 years ago

        Where do we find out more!

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Totally Awesome!

      • anonymous 4 years ago


      • anonymous 4 years ago

        5 * camping

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        How much would this cost?

      • DMWaters 4 years ago

        Wow, I can't believe there is a solar tent. What will they think of next? Great idea for certain kinds of camping!

      • Jawill 4 years ago

        Never heard of it before, may be a great idea.

      The ultimate in light vehicle camping.

      If only we had room for the dogs...

      Now doesn't this look fun? I'd love to take this on a little road trip to all the National Parks - anyone want to join us??

      Lightweight, and extremley useful. Who needs an RV?

      Salad In A Jar!

      Salad in a jar recipe - good idea for work. As long as dressing and lettuce do not touch in the jar, they can be made 5 days in advance while staying fresh with the lid screwed tight. Genius! For recipe link, click photo!

      Pt Cruiser Tailgate Tent, WHAT?

      totally want this...

      Saw a version of this strapped to a Jeep Cherokee, and though why not for the PT? Turns out someone beat me to it...

      We have a PT, so this would be AMAZING if it wasn't $400 bucks! So great for festival camping, just pay the RV fee! Gonna keep an eye on the price, really hope it comes down!

      A little more Aggressive, nice.

      So came across these, and we love em. A total package at a light weight package, and a lot more storage then a teardrop. We've seen a few that have built in coolers, kitchens, and even sinks! This is the first one we've seen with a canopy, it's pretty far out. There are do-it-yourself packages out there for around $2000 bucks, not too bad. We actually found a video on this, will post underneath.

      Video on the SHWEET travel tent

      It's an amazing tool

      Sweet Campfire and Dutch Oven Set

      Man this thing is sweet, and it's at one of our favorite camping sites. We'd like something different for the fire ring, but the set as a whole is a steal. The possibilities are endless with a dutch oven as well!

      TeePee Tent.

      Peace'm Pipe anyone?

      We saw this and knew it had to be posted, it's just amazing. I mean who doesn't want to sleep in a teepee? I know we do! We figured you would too. Apparently it comes in a 10'x10' size AND a 18'X18'. Pretty good investment if you want something no one else has!

      The Amazing Log Stove

      cook your dinner like a real man

      The pictures really speak for themselves on this one. But do try to be careful with the chainsaw. They're nasty buggers.

      Glow Sticks in Water

      a brilliant idea

      A friend of ours turned us on to this idea, and we thank her for it! It really is a simple, fun way to recycle your plastic bottles, and create beautiful lights to make paths to. Simply fill us a plastic bottle with water and drop a glow stick in! What could be simpler?

      A Peanutty S'more!

      the s'more just got better...

      We know what your thinking, WHO THOUGHT OF THIS AND HOW DO I THANK THEM?? How can you beat it? This is what they call a win-win situation! Chow down and enjoy!

      Two ghram crackers

      Two large marshmellows

      1 peanut butter cup


      Easter Egg Glow Hunt

      for those, "what do we do tonight" nights

      Once again, an easy, cheap, and fun way to play with glow sticks! We just ran across this and had to post about it. Simply purchase those plastic easter eggs you put candy in, and replace them with glow sticks! You're done! Plant them at sundown, watch them come to life, then try to find them all in the morning!

      Water Filtration Straw

      better safe then sorry

      If you plan to be on a long distance hike for a short period, this is a must. Super small, super light, and just all in all a great value. We've used these numerous times, and they've worked beautifully. Also, they are very well priced, and very economical. Defiantly recommended.

      Reader Comments

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        • cwilson360 profile image

          cwilson360 3 years ago

          inventive camping ideas indeed! what a great lens.

        • profile image

          jetcharterquote 4 years ago

          Love the VW van tent.

        • erbeaz profile image

          erbeaz 4 years ago

          All of these tents are really cool!

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I have a Wenzel Klondike tent and LOVE it!!! Taken it on 3 trips now, no leaks in the rain, holds up great, plenty of space, great layout, always tons of compliments on it's "house-like" appearance! And a fantastic price too! Highly recommended!!!