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Go to New Plymouth for Vacation

Updated on August 31, 2017

Vacation in New plymouth!! Voted the best little town in the world

Normally we visit places recommended by tours and travel guides. We decided to visit New Plymoth in New Zealand instead of more popular spots like Rotorua, Taupo, Queens Town etc. when it was voted the best place to live in the world. We never regretted our decision and hence I decided to share our views with holiday makers.

Once this vibrant city was named the best city to live in, we decided to have our Xmas holidays here. New Plymouth is the biggest city of taranaki on the west coast of New Zealand and is famous for it's rugged sea coast and mountains .The best thing about new Plymouth is that you can enjoy the sea beach in the city and enjoy skiing just 15 minutes away at mount taranaki and mount egmont.

We drove from wellington on NH3 highway and it took 7 hours when we stopped at Wanganui for lunch for one and a half hours. We stayed at the hotel Devon which is one of the best hotels in new Plymouth. New Plymouth has a variety of hotels from budget to expensive ones.

The next day we went on a lazy river cruise in makau river approx 60kms from new Plymouth.

It is too peaceful a place though at times you feel that the place has been left behind in time.

Next day we went to mount egmont when temperature was quite low when you compare with the summer warmth when the temperature was as high as 26! We could almost touch the snow while we were at the base of mount egmont.

In the afternoon we decided to go to Chaddy's boat ride deep into sea on an old red cross rescue boat. This journey will test your endurance if you are a first timer to go into the deep sea in a unusual boat. The boat circles around 3 little islands. You can see seals playing, napping and eating on and around the island.

We also visited central park as it is famous for its lighting during Christmas and the new year.

We started our journey back to wellington on the third day with Karuna ,saloni ,symraina and our two bunnies Beethoven and ravi shanker.

We stopped at a farm house on our way to wellington. It was amazing to see rabbits, donkeys , sheeps , birds etc.

It was a memorable trip and you should add new Plymouth to your next holiday list.

Oh, it was out of the world trip and we all loved it.

We felt our 3 day trip was quite short as there is so much to do in New Plymoth. You will specially like it if you like rugged natural terrain of sea coast and mountains.

A picture is worth a thousand words

These are a few of the pictures that we shot during our vacation.

Magestic Mount Taranaki

5 things you shouldn't miss!

There are heaps of things to do in Taranaki District but one should never miss Makau river cruise, Deep into sea in a life saving boat, Mount Taranaki, trekking around Mount Egmont

Readers: Have you been there before?

There is no doubt about it. It is the best.

Is New Plymouth really the best place to live on earth?

Stuff you might want to take with you!

Sometimes you find it interesting to know the past of the place if you like the place too much and hence intuitively you search to find some knd of connection with the place. These books provide a very good historical back ground of Taranaki / New Plymouth.

Check these videos for hot geysers in Rotorua, NZ

Travel books for the area

At times you want to know the history of the place if you like it too much. You try get some kind of connection with the place with respect to its past. Both these books are very interesting in view of the historical background of Taranaki and specially New Plymouth.

Watch what wind can do in Windy Wellington


You will love my videos mostly on my pet Beethoven the bunny.

Watch Wellington's Farmers Sunday Market

I love Wellington's Sunday Farmer's Market. Watch and Enjoy.

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