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Vacation in Montenegro

Updated on October 5, 2014

My New Vacation Spot and Why It Should Be Yours,Too

This summer I took a dream vacation to the beaches of Montenegro.Frequented by celebrities, Montenegro is located on the Adriatic Sea with plentiful and affordable accommodations and attractions. I visited the coastal town of Petrovac which I will share the highlights and provide helpful tips I learned along the way.

Tivet Airport,Montenegro
Tivet Airport,Montenegro | Source

Getting To Montenegro

Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport is an international airport that serves the Montenegrin coastal towns in the region. Most of the summer tourists to the coast of Montenegro use this airport.It is a small airport but has a cafe, a few shops and clean, nice waiting areas. It is about 12 miles from the popular town of Budva and a forty- five minute drive to the town of Petrovac.

Flying in to Tivat, we were rewarded with a scenic view of the beautiful coastline.. Several airlines fly to Tivat Airport including Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia. We used Montenegro Airlines arriving and Air Serbia departing. Both were professional and satisfactory airlines in my experience.

Europcar Car Rental is available at the airport as well as taxi service. You can catch a bus from the nearby town of Tivat which is two miles away, but no bus service located at the airport proper. We used a taxi to our destination of Petrovac which costs about 40 Euro.

Where Is Montenegro? - Montenegro is located in the southern region of the Balkans.

Montenegro is bordered by Serbia, Bosnia,Croatia and Albania. The Adriatic Sea forms it's coastline.
Montenegro is bordered by Serbia, Bosnia,Croatia and Albania. The Adriatic Sea forms it's coastline. | Source
Montenegro; Its People and Their History
Montenegro; Its People and Their History

This is what interests me in traveling: the people, their history and culture.



About a forty-five minute ride from the Tivat Airport, the village of Petrovac is where we secured our accommodations. We stayed at the Apartments Vukovic Mitar. These are small apartments with a separate bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living area. There was also a private balcony. I was very pleased and comfortable during our stay here and the price was affordable.

The great thing about Petrovac is it is a small enough village to walk anywhere you need to go without the need for a taxi. The grocery store, post office, restaurants, gift shops and outdoor farmer's market are all within a few blocks of one another. The beach,boardwalk and a walking trail is also within a few steps.

secluded beach near Petrovac,Montenegro
secluded beach near Petrovac,Montenegro | Source
view from a seaside cafe
view from a seaside cafe | Source

The Boardwalk

There is a newly constructed boardwalk along the beach that is lit up beautifully at night with plenty of cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops to enjoy. At one end of the boardwalk is an old, historic fort that you can climb to the top that overlooks a breathtaking view in all directions. The other end of the boardwalk is anchored by a seafood restaurant that is just delicious and a delightful experience.

The beaches are kept clean and maintained and there are chairs and umbrellas set up to rent. The shoreline has an abundance of smooth rocks, large and small, so my advice is to bring beach shoes for tender feet. I compare the waters to be as clear as a swimming pool.It is gorgeous blue water so clear, and quite chilly.

Walking Trail

Be sure to enjoy the natural walking trail that winds up through the pines, along the edge of a hill, overlooking the more rugged coastline of Petrovac. It will reveal peeks of sheer drop-offs from the edge of the path into the turquoise waters. This is not for the faint of heart and care must be taken especially with small children lest they get away from you! The trail is paved as it appears to have been used for car travel at one time. There are tunnels to pass through and you will need a flashlight to find your way through them. A great adventure indeed.The trail is hard to find, but if you locate the Hotel Danica at the far corner of the village, it begins at the hotel's entrance.

Entrance to the walking trail in Petrovac, Montenegro
Entrance to the walking trail in Petrovac, Montenegro | Source

Read More About It - Helpful Vacation,Tour and Information Guides for Montenegro

I found some great books available that you may find helpful in learning more about Montenegro and in planning your own vacation in paradise.

Montenegro, 4th (Bradt Travel Guide)
Montenegro, 4th (Bradt Travel Guide)

Bradt Travel Guides are reputable in the information they publish.You can never go wrong with one of these guides.

Lonely Planet Montenegro (Travel Guide)
Lonely Planet Montenegro (Travel Guide)

I am not as familiar with the Lonely Planet publications but I do know that they have a great website full of information for travelers so their published guides should be helpful as well.

A markerpetrovac,montenegro -
Petrovac, Montenegro
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    • stereomike83 profile image

      stereomike83 3 years ago from UK

      A beautiful place. We went to Croatia a few years ago but I imagine Montenegro to still have the slightly undiscovered feel as airlines haven't yet started flying lots of routes there. Voted up and pinned.