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Vacations this Year is not for Us

Updated on August 26, 2014

The Retirement Vacations

Vacations in retirement mean; Doing what we want, when we want, how we want and where we want.
Vacations in retirement mean; Doing what we want, when we want, how we want and where we want.

The Glory of Retirement

Some people just need to get away for a vacation to revamp and revitalize their souls. When our children were growing up, we took amazing vacations every other year and as the children got older, we took vacations every year. My husband and I were skilled professionals, and we were still working full-time. We could afford to take the children to amazing places every year.

We continued this throughout the time the kids were at home. We are now retired and our economy is not as good as it was in the 1970s through the 1990s. Like many seniors, we rely on Social Security checks instead of paychecks. This really cut into our desire to take extravagant vacations.

You might say that finances play a large part of what we do, where we go and how far we go to get away depends upon our current budget. We do not believe in living off a credit card to buy a vacation. If we cannot afford to pay cash, we do not go anywhere on vacation.

Remaining at Home Can Be an Exciting Adventure

This year we are going to keep busy at home. Actually, for once in our life we can be as busy as we want. There are many things to do to keep our home up, as homeowners are well aware. Planting flowers and landscaping work is calling our name, so this is on our summer agenda for 2014. The winter months are spent remodeling the inside of the home.

Overpaying for Gas, Food, Attractions and Accommodations in the Name of a Vacation

Another reason we chose to stay at home is the ever-fluctuating gasoline prices. In our city, we see gas prices go up and down by as much as $.20 per gallon in one day. We will never understand the reasoning behind gas prices, other than possible greed with the big oil companies. We would rather put these gas prices into our home this year.

I find vacations to be relaxing if you plan right and allow yourself to relax. However, I cannot relax when I find we are overpaying on everything from food, to gasoline, to attractions. Neither my husband nor I can justify the need to spend money like this.

Mini Vacations during the Summertime are Fun and Affordable

I am sure that my husband and I will want to take some small mini trips over the course of a day or two during the summer and there are plenty of things to do and see in and around our city and outlaying areas. All we have to do is drive an hour and a half to see a wealth of attractions we have not visited.

Keep My Feet on the Ground on a Railroad or Car Travel is What We Like

We love to travel and have no interest in traveling internationally, because there are plenty of sights within the United States we want to see. This fall we are planning to try out the Amtrak for a weekend in Chicago, visiting relatives and museums. This is a big enough get-a-way for us at this point. Maybe next year we will plan to take the grandchildren to Florida to Walt Disney World by Amtrak.

We want to do more traveling via Amtrak as neither of us appreciate flying anymore and seniors do not especially like to spend long hours in a car. The Amtrak answers this dilemma for us, and we will plan for future trips via Amtrak. The Amtrack allows passengers to get up and move about, sleep in a family room overnight, access private showers and get wonderful free meals when spending the night on the train. Observation decks allow passengers to sit and watch passing scenery, work on the internet, drink unlimited free coffee and visit with other passengers.

Air travel has become so very expensive we have no desire to spend excess money to fly. We do not enjoy air travel due to all the problems in the news regarding air travel. If an emergency arises and we need to fly we will fly. Even though the United States has their share of probelms our family feels safer on American soil.

When couples are retired, they usually do not have to adhere to a schedule which is the great thing about retirement. Leave when you want to, be gone as long as money lasts or not and come home when you become tired. Retirement is wonderful in this aspect. Seniors do not have to take a vacation whenever the summer comes. No more children in school to dictate when a vacation is taken.

This year we are content to stay where we are and do what we feel like doing at home. This is the glory of being retired.

By personal experience only


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