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Vernon Winter Carnival

Updated on March 8, 2015

Carnival Time!

Last weekend my husband and I were ready to embark on our first attempt to downhill ski this winter. On route to the ski hill, we encountered what we knew to be the opening weekend of the 53rd Annual Vernon Winter Carnival.

Vernon is located in the Okanagan Valley North East of Vancouver, BC which is only a 5.5 to six hour drive. Vernon is just one hour north of Kelowna where we share four seasons with dry powder snow in winter and hot balmy days in summer. We are here in the semi-desert grasslands, the interior, which is also known as world renowned wine country. The bread basket of BC has much to boast about concerning their many apple and cherry orchards and a variety of fine fruit and vegetables that we grow and export in this beautiful lush rural land. Additionally, many great businesses were cultivated here such as DCT Chambers, Kal Tire and the Okanagan Springs Brewery.

Balloon Chasing

One of a Kind

We were excited to see that on our way through town there were an amazing number of colorful hot air balloons to distract our attention as we strutted taking candid snaps. We virtually followed all of them to the city center to get a closer glimpse while they gradually dismantled their thrill seeking balloons and gear accordingly. The presentation of the hot air balloons is an obvious eye catcher for the opening of what is suppose to be the 3rd largest Winter Carnival in Canada.

The hot air balloon introduce their inflated fire starting glow to show off its true colors usually on Friday night, the eve of the Carnival. Saturday, they begin their Hare and Hound chase as the leading balloon, the Hare, gets a 10 minute head start to locate a target for the rest of the fellow balloons, the Hounds, to follow and drop markers as close as they can to the target. On Sunday, they strategize flying over a pool of water placed in the center of Swan Lake so that they may drop a rubber ducky into it to win a special prize. Trick is to not have the balloon basket touch the ice 500 feet of the pool. I guess it's not as easy as it sounds due to the high winds this time of year as pilots must man their vessel well at all costs. Ah, must ride in one of those some day!

For more information on the Annual Vernon Winter Carnival, you may visit this Website - Also, further down this lens, I have YouTube covering a couple other entertaining Canadian Carnivals along with Vernon's Balloon Glowing to Vernon's Parade 2013 - Courtesy of DCV. Do Enjoy and don't forget to comment in my Guestbook below!

Mr. Smiley Hot Air Balloon Style

Mr. Smiley Hot Air Balloon Style
Mr. Smiley Hot Air Balloon Style

Silver Star - Above the Clouds!


Kalmalka Lake at Cozens Bay, Vernon, BC - Photo taken by Kimberley Vico
Kalmalka Lake at Cozens Bay, Vernon, BC - Photo taken by Kimberley Vico

The Carnival

Winter Indoors and Outdoors

The first Winter Carnival began in February 1893 on Kalmalka Lake. Since then and the new millennia, the Carnival has evolved from the focus of a skating club to a world class organization with over a 100 events.

After vast picture taking on the end of a hot air balloon fiesta, we decided to take in one of the finest inside winter sports to curling and that was to bowl instead... that and off to Checkers Restaurant/Pub for our first Burger Olympic try out. Ehh! We'll ski next time and so we did the following weekend to cap off an experience of only some of the festivities of this great Carnival and one of many popular outdoor winter sports of all time - downhill skiing.

Photo taken by Barbara Bromm
Photo taken by Barbara Bromm

Silver Star Mountain Resort

Twilight Skiing Begins!

Silver Star Mountain is community in itself that's well visited year round. So we ventured off with our plans and commitment of late afternoon/night skiing where various mountain activities are there to explore e.g. snow boarding, tubing, ice skating and ski doing - are your most popular choices. You can always enter a few yards ahead of Silver Star entrance to the magnificent Sovereign Lake for snow shoeing and excellent cross country skiing, another world-famous summit.

Upon the mount was again one of the most popular going sites to see on display at Silver Star - the Snow Sculpture Contest. Each group involved in this competition has a couple of days to produce and articulate a masterpiece of snow from and 8 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft long block.

Kudos to winners and all who participated in their incredible works of art!

As for the two of us amongst the spectating of another year's event we were happily engage by familiar surroundings in this increasingly warmer winter climate soon to be called spring skiing and be glad to have more of it while it lasts!

The Vernon Winter Carnival is from February 1 - 10 every year! Look us up... see you next time!

1st Prize - Best in Snow

photo taken by Barbara Bromm
photo taken by Barbara Bromm

'First Signs of Spring' win the snow sculpture contest... a mighty cute shiloh shepherd standing guard!

Amazon MP3 - A little music for your enjoyment!

Skiing At Silver Star - Looking Over

Photo taken by Kimberley Vico
Photo taken by Kimberley Vico

One of our collection of lovely images from our very own - Silver Star Mountain!

Map to Silver Star Mountain

Silver Star Mountain is a must see. Check out all packages for your next visit, ski and more!

A markerOnly a 20 minute ride from Vernon City -
123 Shortt Street, Silver Star Mountain, Vernon, BC, V1B 3M1
get directions

Winter Carnivals

It's always good to hear what people prefer to take part in a Winter Carnival.

What do you prefer to get involved in a Carnival or would you rather spectate?

A Look At Our Carnivals

The Vernon Carnival Is A Pleasure Seeking Festival ...Would You Like To Fly In My Beautiful Balloon?

Don't Forget to Comment in My Guestbook - You Are Always Welcome!

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      Kimberley Vico 5 years ago

      Hi Takkhis! Thank you for visiting and Squidliking my Lens! I would also enjoy the adventure of a hot air baloon! : )

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      Takkhis 5 years ago

      Great info about Annual Vernon Winter Carnival! I would like to have a hot air balloon flight :)