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Vietnam Tourist Places

Updated on December 27, 2015

Tourist Spots in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top tourist destinations and countries I have visited during my travel around the world. Vietnam is a peaceful country with lots of good places to watch and visit. I visited Vietnam as part of my company work, but I have visited most of the beautiful places in Vietnam.

And I being from India, I have covered almost all the top Indian restaurants and hotels in Vietnam and tasted the best continental and sea food here.

In this hub, I will try to cover most of the tourist spots in Vietnam and Night Life in Vietnam which I have visited and how to enjoy your trip to Vietnam. To make this hub more interactive, I have added many polls.

Mui Ne Vietnam
Mui Ne Vietnam

Top Tour Places in Vietnam

Best Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

There are quite a few tourist places in Vietnam where one would like to visit. Language of Vietnam is Vietnamese and people speak English as well. Vietnam is fast developing and youngsters now speak English very fluently. Beaches and Resorts are the famous spots in Vietnam.

After a lot of research, I gathered the below list and was successful in visiting a few of them. They are

1. Vungtau Beach

2. Mui Ney

3. Nha Trang

4. Dalat

5. Phan Thiet

6. Halong Bay

7. District 1 Vietnam

6. District 7 Vietnam

Vietnam Culture

Vietnamese has a culture similar to other Asian countries. Most of the people speak Vietnamese as their native language and some speak chinese as well.

Youngsters and universities studying students speak English but little slowly. Given below are some of the books which can help you during your travel to Vietnam

Vietnam Poll


Did you have a chance to visit Vietnam. Share your experiences by answering the poll and adding few comments

Do you like Vietnam

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Useful Links for Vietnam Travel - Some useful travel related links

Have you ever visited Vietnam or visiting for the first time? This lens and some of the links below can help you during your travel in Vietnam

#Visit to Coast Guard Ship Sankalp

Sankalp was the coast guard ship of India which we had a chance to visit with a special invitation. Some of the pictures of Sankalp are added below. It was one of the most memorable moment during my trip to Vietnam.

The coast guard captain explained us the radar mechanisms and explained how the safe guard is being done. It was one of the awesome moments

Sankalp Indian Coast Guard Ship Visit during Trip to Vietnam

#District 7 Hochiminh city

Hochiminh City is one of the best places to visit during your tour to Vietnam. There are many activities to do in Hochiminch city.

You can enjoy shopping, have the best Indian restaurants in District 7 where you can taste the best sea food in Asia.

In night, you can enjoy one of the best night life in Asia where you have some of the famous bars in Vietnam. If you don't drink, you can enjoy time at the beach or at the parks which are ever lively

#District 7 Hochiminh City

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