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Villas In Javea - Why Take Vacation In Costa Blanca?

Updated on March 19, 2013

These days many Westerners are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the 9-5 rat race lifestyle and escape to a peaceful destination either upon their retirement or at regular intervals during the year. It is not simply the fast paced lifestyle or bad weather in countries such as the UK that makes people want to get away, there is also the economic down turn that means Pounds Sterling or other currencies can buy you more in Euros.

One of the best options is to look at Villas In Javea that can be purchased at a lower cost and then either used as an investment which you can rent out during the months that you do not take vacation or can be your retirement home.

As you can see from the photographs, Costa Blanca is almost always baked in sunshine with the summer months ranging from 25-35°C but in the valley town of Jalon you can enjoy a shaded tempreture of 20°C.

The Jalon villa photographed above is just 10-15 minutes outside of the main city of Javea, this means you can escape the tourist crowd in the seclusion of beautiful wooded scenery. The are many gardens and fruit trees that grow avocados and the autumn months provide some rainfall to give relief for farmers.

Besides the ideal location with cooling sea breezes, a wide range of outdoor activities and also nightlife, there are educational outings for seniors and family vacations. There is the 12th century castle ruins of the Moors Polop and the eloquent wicker stalls of Gata de Gorgos but history is not for everyone and that is why a hiking expedition to Coll de Rates is more suitable for those looking to stay in shape.

Some families may be concerned that there is not enough to keep young children entertained that couldn't be further from the truth since the area contains diving, theme parks, water slides and also go cart racing for the teenagers!


You are probably imagining the healthy Mediterranean cuisine and you will not be disappointed since there is a wide selection of fresh seafood, grilled food and local pastries to choose from.

There are cafes tucked away in each side street and you will even see some Arabic influence among the architectural design since Arabic colonies inhabited the area centuries before the modern day.


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