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Vinsanto - The finest wine of Santorini

Updated on September 10, 2014



An island famous all over the world for its magnificent sunsets, beautiful Cycladic architecture, warm hospitality. But what would Santorini be without its Volcano? Yet another island somewhere in the central-south Aegean Sea.

This mineral rich volcanic soil is the reason, why the products of Santorini are of superior quality. One of island's best export assets is definitely its wine and especially Vinsanto which is going to be the topic of this article.


Santorini's Volcanic History

Its rich volcanic activity made this island unique. The eruption of the volcano actually split the once circular island (in the ancient times it used to be called 'Stroggili' meaning circular in Greek) and created the impressively beautiful Caldera.

The once green full of olive trees Santorini turned into a rather dry and dark soiled island. Whatever was left after the huge explosion was divided into three pieces of land. The nowadays Santorini, Thirasia and Aspronisi producing a half moon shape complex of islands.

In between these three islands the volcano eventually produced new islets; Palaia and Nea Kameni, as well as others, too. The soil of the island may look inhospitable to the new visitor, but it is the reason why its products are so special; full of taste and aroma.

The most famous product of Santorini is by far its wine, especially Vinsanto. And it could be said that visiting the birthplace of Vinsanto is a fairly good reason to choose Santorini for your summer holidays.

Santorini Cycladic Architecture
Santorini Cycladic Architecture

Where to Stay

You can visit Santorini either by plane or by ferry or yacht.

From the very first time you will arrive you will realize how well organized is this beautiful Cycladic island. Because of its popularity and its excellent tourist reviews, it is a rather tourist crowded place. Therefore, the hotel infrastructure is build upon the highest standards.

Santorini apartments can be found almost on every spot of the island with the majority offering to their guests outstanding views of the Caldera and the luxury of watching the most beautiful sunset from the convenience of their rooms or terraces.

On the other hand, Oia hotels could be another great choice. It could be said that Oia is one of the best representatives of a Cycladic settlement where the white blends with the blue driving the visitor's fantasy into romantic magic paths

Suggested Place to Stay - Nikos Villas

Santorini Nikos Villas
Santorini Nikos Villas

If you chose Oia for your accommodation, then Nikos Villas is strongly suggested. The reason is fairly simple. You deserve to treat yourselves with relaxing and comfort moments, while in Santorini. Enjoy elegance in the luxury suites of the Nikos Villas.

Whether travelling solo, with the other half, family or friends, definitely Nikos Villas is a great choice for you, because it combines luxury, spacious rooms and outstanding views of the Caldera.

Perfect for recharging your energy and planning your daily excursions to the island. The settlement of Oia awaits you to discover its gastronomical spots and taste its world famous wine; Vinsanto


What makes Vinsanto so...special?

Santorinian Vinsanto is a traditional sweet wine with a dark bronze colour. It belongs to the special category of wines with Designation of Origin of Superior Quality that protects its authenticity from any imitations worldwide. That means that Vinsanto can be produced only in Santorini and under strict and specific procedures.

No wonder why this wine is so strictly protected, it was a great asset for the island's economy since the 12th Century when Venetians realized the superior value of Vinsanto. The origins of the wine's name are Latin and there were many meanings produced through the centuries.

Either the name comes from the Latin 'vino di Santorini' (wine from Santorini) or from 'vino Santo' (the sacred wine).

Vinsanto became a great export for the Venetians with significant markets in the medieval times, such as the ports of Istanbul, Ancona, and Venice where the high society was eager to be supplied with the precious Vinsanto, since this wine was synonymous to the high status of its holder. Not even mentioning the high demand it had in Russia, where even the Orthodox Russian Patriarchy was using it for Communion.

Since then, Vinsanto has travelled all over the world and became a must-have of any respectable wine bar or gourmet restaurant.


What are the characteristics of Vinsanto?

By law, the grapes must be at least 51% Assyrtiko variety, while the remainder must come from grapes of Aidani and Athyri or other white grapes that are traditionally grown in Thera and Thirasia.

The colour of this unique wine in the early stages is orange with golden highlights and strongly resembles the colour of the Oia sunset. As the years pass, however, the barrel, in which the wine is kept to ferment and mature, enhances the wine’s colour with reddish highlights of brown. As Vinsanto is aging, it takes a deep dark colour making a false impression to an amateur wine taster that it is a red wine. Well it is a white wine made of specially selected Santorinian grapes, sundried under the beautiful Aegean sun and kept in special oak barrels.

The unprecedented aroma is intense and complex, with primary aging characteristics of spices, honey and raisins and accompanied secondarily by lemon blossom.

The sweet taste is sometimes intense but balancing perfectly with the acidity of this amazing grape variety. A velvety rich sweet wine which tries to fool the tongue of the taster with discreet tastes of honey and lemon. The aftertaste is very long and aromatic making this wine as special, as the mineral rich volcanic soil it comes from. No wonder why it is ranked among the top sweet wines in the world!

Vinsanto is...the spirit of Santorini


This famous sweet wine expresses the uniqueness of Santorini. Every visitor tasting for the very first time Vinsanto stays astonished by the exuberant, complex and authentic characteristics of Santorini's finest wine!

Indulge yourselves into the overwhelming and uninhibited addiction of Vinsanto's sweet taste of excellence...close your eyes...and let the Santorinian spirit let your senses free!

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    • George Liakos profile image

      George Liakos 3 years ago

      @Max Globe: Thank you for your comment. I wish you to be in Santorini this summer and taste this unique wine (and not only... all Santorinian wines are great, due to the volcanic ash, where the vineyards are located).

    • Max Globe profile image

      Max Globe 3 years ago

      That wine sounds amazing, so sweet) Hope to taste it one day. Thanks for opening a new prospect on this beautiful city.