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Virginia Tomorrow C2C__A Journey To Discovery

Updated on January 23, 2013

Virginia Tomorrow C2C

Virginia Tomorrow community to community link dedicated to those who live in today's Virginia region and those who would like to visit our historic state where America began only four centuries ago when the first continuously living community Jamestown, VA was created in the year 1607 in Tidewater, Virginia.

The 100 or so colonists from England named the colony in the name of their then monarch in England, King James. They called this land Virginia in memory of their glorious Virgin Queen one generation earlier, Queen Elizabeth I. With the recent archeological discovery of the Jamestown Fort location where this colony was founded that is still on going, there is rediscovery and new knowledge of the past.

The recreated Jamestown exists today to help visitors across America and elsewhere to rediscover Jamestown as archeological excavation continues to search the past to add knowledge and wisdom.


Native Americans & Jamestown Colonist

A Record In History & Archeology__Mostly War For 3 Centuries__A Little Peace In Between

The Jamestown settlers did not come to an empty land. Native Americans had lived on the land for 10,000 years previously. It was an uneasy relationship over the next centuries at best, peace sometimes but mostly war, with records of inhuman cruelty and death at times inflicted as the two cultures clashed unable to resolve a way for peaceful co-existence other than through centuries of war.

This is the record of Jamestown colony survival in midst of death due to such violence of war, hunger and disease.

The record of history is no Cinderella story for he colonists or for the local Native Americans.

But the colony somehow survived and America of the future as it exists today evolved from this colony called Jamestown.

This in summary is the prelude to today's conversation of the past as entry point to the Journey to Discovery to Virginia Tomorrow .

This is a philosophy of community to community links with other communities elsewhere in America, Hometown USA, with a community to community perspective.

And for those who live elsewhere outside of America, hospitable people of Virginia welcome you as eco visitors for your family vacation and or business interests that can contribute to mutual prosperity and green living life styles that people of Virginia seek in the context of Virginia Tomorrow Community to Community.

A Journey to Discovery__Virginia Coastal Region - Near Williamsburg, VA and Jamestown Rediscovery


Photo Album 01__Journey to Discovery - Virginia Tomorrow C2C

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Dance !


Memory of 1776_First Civil War USA - Called the Revolutionary War__American Born Out of Philosophy not History


Memory of Civil War__1861-1865 - Abraham Linclon__Guardian of Our Trial By Fire (Pain, Anguish and Death__brother against brother)


Virginia Tomorrow__Journey to Discovery - Edication For Knowledge Economy, Community Safety & Healthier Fairfax VA Hometown USA C2C


Seek Wisdom In Hidden Forest of the Ocean - __For Survival of Humanity Beyond This Generation


Cafe Twin Show Preview - Conversation NOVA Fairfax Community to Community__Building Community of Vitality_Hometown USA


Photo Gallery__My New Groups at LinkedIn.Com - A Web & Rock For Virtual Team Innovators__Arts & Science Bridge

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