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Visa Hotel Club - Is it Cheaper than any other Online Hotel Booking websites?

Updated on September 17, 2014

There are so many online hotel booking websites which offer / claim to offer the lowest price. My favorite site is

When I was planning for my family's trip to Malaysia, my parents told me about HSBC's Family and Friend Fun promotion for HSBC cardholders. This promotion will give us another 5% - 8% discount when we make a hotel booking in agoda using HSBC card.

Agoda Lowest Price plus another 5 - 8% discount sound great! But I found it a bit complicated because we can't find the final rate until we enter our HSBC credit card detail in the Agoda booking process. I only wanted to compare the prices, I wasn't comfortable to submit my cc detail.

So I searched around and found a much better deal, a private deal which unfortunately cannot be used to claim Agoda Best Price Guarantee.

This private deal can only be accessed by a Visa Cardholder, and it is called Visa Hotel Club. A privilege offered by one of the leading online hotel booking website Hotel Club for Visa cardholders.

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What is Visa Hotel Club?

Visa Hotel Club is offered by HotelClub, one of leading global online accommodation specialist; similar as Agoda, it also offers a rewards member system and member can get up to 7% discount per booking. They have more than 50,000 hotels worldwide and these hotels are bookable up to 12 months in advance.

I've used since 2009. When I was planning for my holiday in Singapore, I was very pleased when I scored a 50% discount (from the hotel's published rate at that time) for a 5 star hotel in Singapore. Their booking process is very straightforward.

How to access Visa Hotel Club?

Very easy. Just go to Visa Hotel Club site and enter the first 6 digits of our Visa credit card as the login id to access the exclusive hotel deals.

Visa Hotel Club
Visa Hotel Club

Visa Hotel Club - cheaper than Agoda / the other online hotel booking system?

Visa Hotel Club claims that as a Visa Cardholder, we can enjoy up to 75% off;. So far I found out most of the rates are cheaper than their competing site. It's even cheaper than

Let us compare their rate with HotelClub, Agoda and Expedia for the same date of stay, hotel and room type:

==> Visa Hotel Club rate is the most expensive ($81), while Expedia is the cheapest ($79). But things changed after I clicked the "Booking" button.

===> Visa Hotel Club rate stays the same (because their rates are tax inclusive) and is now the cheapest, while Agoda and Expedia rates are not tax inclusive; hence, after they added the tax & service charges; their rates jumped up to around $91.

So if we book on Visa Hotel Club, we'll save $10!

The saving is not a lot, especially if we prefer to pay using paypal / collect Agoda rewards point. But for me personally, I will book on Visa Hotel Club because I also collect a credit card reward points and I can use $10 for extra spending money during my trip.

Visa Hotel Club Cancellation Policy

Because the rate in Visa Hotel Club is cheap, many of them have non-refundable and non-cancellation policy. So it's crucial to read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the confirmation page before we submit our booking.

HotelClub's cancellation fee is around $15 and if the booking can be amended, the amendment fee is $5. More about HotelClub cancellation policy.


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