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Visit Montenegro

Updated on January 15, 2015

Where and why visit Montenegro?

Montenegro is an adriatic jewel which just recently became an exotic and elite location for world tourism.

What is so special about this country? Montenegro is different and because of its diversity, its one of unique locations on the balkans you should visit.

Several historical places, culture, sightseeing, bungee jumping, beautiful beaches, mountains, rivers, rafting and lakes all of this you can experience in this small balkanic jewel. I will give you a few tips for some sightseeing and summer relaxation.

Some basic facts about Montenegro




Podgorica; 152,000


13,812 square kilometers (5,333 square miles)


Montenegrin, Serbian, Albanian


Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic



Life Expectancy:


GDP per Capita:

U.S. $2,200

Literacy Percent:


How to get to Montenegro? - By plane, car, motorcycle, boat, its your choice.

The easiest way to get to Montenegro, if you're not near this country, is to travel with an aeroplane.

There are two official airports in Montenegro ( Tivat and Podgorica ). There is also an airport in nearby Croatia in Cilipi ( near Dubrovnik ) so you can see the old Ragusan capital while you're traveling into Montenegro.

You can also travel to Montenegro by ferries which are scheduled all year round there are lines Bar - Bari - Bar and Bar - Ancona - Bar. During summer season the number of lines enlarge and so there are Kotor - Ancona - Kotor and other ferry lines.

If you're traveling by car or motorcycle, you can also use the ferry or even better if you have time, money and you like the beautiful adriatic scenery, you can start your way from Slovenia and travel to Croatia ( Rijeka ) and continue along the Dalmatian coast, where you will see the beautiful crystal clear oceans, mountains and islands. In your way you can stop to see the Dalmatian capital of Split, or the prestige location of Dubrovnik. All the roads are clearly signed, so you should have no problems to travel to Montenegro.

There is also a railway connection to Montenegro, firstly you can travel to Belgrade (Serbia) where you can also get some sightseeing if you're adventurous and continue along the direct railway line to Podgorica ( Montenegro capital ) where you can plan your way through Montenegro.

Discover Montenegro

Piva lake - The azure lake of Piva, will leave you breathtaking.

Piva lake is located in South West Montenegro, near the city of Pluzine, along the Bosnian border. The lake itself is a nice scenery, you can get also to the world renown natural reserve of Durmitor from that location. Azure scenery, beautiful mountains and clear mountain air is what you can expect, not to mention the friendly people.

Durmitor - Nature in all its beauty.

Durmitor is the name of a national park located in northwestern Montenegro. Its highest peak reaches a height of 2,522 meters and its bounded by Tara River Canyon on the north, Piva River Canyone on the west and Komarnica River Canyone on the south. Beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains will leave you breathtaking. If you're a kind of person who loves nature in all its beauty, you should definitely visit Durmitor.

Tara River Canyon - For the adventurous

The Tara River Canyon, also known as the Tara River Gorge is the longest canyon in Montenegro. It is 82 kilometers long and 1300 meters at its deepest, making its the deepest river canyon in Europe. This canyon is protected as the part of Durmitor national park and it's a tentative of UNESCO. The canyone is the part of the River rafting route. he one day rafting route, from Brstnovica to Scepan Polje is 11 mi long and it takes 2 to 3 hours. This part of the canyon is the most exciting because the river has the biggest drop in elevation in the shortest length. There are 21 out of 50 rapids in this part of the Tara. The rapids are Brstanovici, Pecine, the very dangerous Celije rapids and Vjernovicki rapids. If you decide to go all the way, rafting adventure is 62 mi long. At the beginning you will see the waterfalls of Ljutica, then you will pass under the 541 feet high monumental bridge of Tara. Next thing you can see on this exciting journey is the old Roman road and the Lever Tara. "Funjicki bukovi" and "Bijele ploce" will make you realise how calm and up to this moment nice Tara becomes a wild beauty.

Tara Bungee jumping

Skadar lake - Montenegrin national treasure

Skadar Lake is the biggest lake in the balkans and its located on the border between Albania and Montenegro. 2 thirds of the lake belongs under Montenegro with its biggest city Virpazar, while the other 1 third belongs to Albanians with its biggest city Skadar which the lakes gets its name. On the lake itself you can find also some 50 islands, while the depth of the lake varies from 6 do 44 m at some points. The River Moraca flows right through the Skadar lake, while the lake itself flows through the river of Bojana which is about 30 km long and it ends in the Adriatic sea.

The Montenegrin side of the lake is from 1984 a part of the national park, not strange since on this particual area live around 270 kinds of birds and is the biggest Europes Pelican gathering place

The lake itself is also very rich with Eels and fishes, like carp and other animals.

Nice promotional video for Skadar lake

Lovcen - Cultural heritage of Montenegro

Lovcen, the pride of Montenegro, is a mountain and the national park.

The mount Lovcen rises from the borders of the Adriatic closing the twisting bay of Kotor. The mountains biggest peaks are Stirovnik and Jezerski Vrh.

The slopes of this mountain are rocky with numerous pits and a beautiful scenery! The mountain itself stands on the border of the natural wholes, the sea and the mainland, that is why the mountain itself is under influence of both climates. There are 1158 plant species on Lovcen and its national pakr encompasses an area of 62,20km2. It is a proclaimed national park since 1952 and beside its natural beauties its an established rich historical, cultural heritage of Montenegro and the area.

Lovcen's peak also accommodates its particular architectural relic, where the tomb of the old King of Montenegro Petar Petrovic Njegos is situated.

On Lovcen with montenegrin traditional costume

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