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Visit Naxos Island

Updated on September 10, 2014

Naxos Island Greece

The Naxos Island, which has the largest land mass on the Cyclades Island group, is the most attractive tourist center with various hot spots to visit and get ourselves entertained. The first thing that pops out of people's mind while speaking about Greece is their ancient history. The Naxos Island stands out with lots of ancient ruins that are well maintained for the eyes of the current generation to view and appreciate. The highly improvised hospitality provided by the Naxos hotels, offers a hundred percent satisfaction for the visitors during their course of stay in the Island. The long running beaches that are filled with engaging events and activities keep the Island lively enough and provide a life time experience for all the tourists. With all these fun activities at one side, the Island is also rich in natural resources and generates its revenue based on agriculture on the other side. The fertile land of the Island is well utilized by its people who produce different vegetables, fruits and other food grains that are more than enough to meet their own demands and to export it to different parts of the world.

Iria Beach Hotel in Naxos, Agia Anna beach
Iria Beach Hotel in Naxos, Agia Anna beach

Naxos Hotels

Any vacation will lose its color if the hospitality is not good enough to keep us comfortable. With the 4 star and 5 star Naxos hotels in and around the Naxos town, there is no need for any tourists to get concerned about the place or mode of stay. Apart from these hotels, lots of villas and apartments offer a pleasant environment to stay. Food is another major advantage, as the Naxos hotels serve a wide variety of food items, considering the taste of people from different parts of the world. The hotels will also arrange transportation facilities if the customers would want them to.

The Iria Beach Hotel in Agia Anna beach is one of the best hotels in Naxos.

Naxos Boat Tours
Naxos Boat Tours

Things to Do in Naxos

Life at Naxos Island is pretty much enjoyable with numerous charming and adventurous activities. One could go diving into the sea and check out how it is to live under the waters, without any kinds of dangers involved. You could take a ride on a boat until you have completely got the landscape out of your sight and take those thrilling moments along with you when you go back home. As specified earlier, the ancient ruins are one of the best aspects of the Island and one should never offer to miss that out during their stay at the Island. The Museums and the agricultural fields are some places that would get the attraction of the tourists.

Naxos Beaches & Attractions

As anyone would expect, beaches in this Island such as Agia Anna beach, Agios Georgios beach and Agios Prokopios beach are famous for their clean waters and thin golden sand. The Venetian castles, the Portara gate, the temple of Dimitra are some the places that emphasizes the history and culture of the Naxos Island.

For those who want to get maximum fun out of their vacations, Naxos Island is a place to look out for.

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