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walt disney world value resort

Updated on September 10, 2012

We just returned from an eight day stay at the All-Star Movies, and LOVED it!

The All-Star Resorts DO share SOME buses, but not all. Like if you go to the Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom the buses are not shared-at least in our experince. If you are wanting to go to Epcot or Hollywood Studios, yes the buses are shared because there is usually not enought people going to "pay" for a dedicated bus. Although when Epcot had extra magic hours in the morning, there was a dedicated bus from All-Star Movies.

We REALLY loved the All-Star Movies, and for young children I think this is a GREAT place! Isis fell in love with the old Disney movies they were playing in the food court! I called my mom as soon as we got home and told her to dig ours up because Isis had fallen in love with them. They always played the old sing-a-long songs, and old Mickey Mouse cartoons like Steam Boat Willie.

We had many different goodies left for us, and Isis loved finding his stuffed animals in different places every day. He would say "my toys played just like on Toy Story!"

The counter-service meals were really good too. I almost always ended up getting a make-your-own salad, they were DELICIOUS! We never once complained about the food. I did notice that their ice cream/dessert station was over-priced.

When we return in November/December of 2011 we will definitely be staying here again!


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