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We Moved Across Canada

Updated on October 8, 2013

Gypsy Canadians on the Move

Relocating across Canada is a big step and in a series of, what we thought, were logical steps we decided to move from Quebec to BC. This is the story of how your average Quebec family totally lost their minds, sold everything and moved to BC. We went from a suburb of Ottawa to the beautiful remote paradise that is Powell River BC

Four people, a dog and a cat make their way across country. Link to a blog that recounts the adventure.

Gary Diggin It at the Farm
Gary Diggin It at the Farm

Starting Out - Why The Treck

We were your average family living north of Ottawa. Two small children, children from previous marriages - so the usual reconstituted family of today.

But then we slowly started to loose our minds, moving from stable good paying jobs in the city towards agriculture. Sounds a little like an old time TV show doesn't it?? Anyone remember Green Acres?

So we became concerned about our food sources, pollution, and GMOs. We started a seed company and bought a farm to grow seed and herbs. Buy a farm and then try to actually farm, now there's a hurdle. It took 2 weeks to learn to plough. Don't think that just because you see a guy bopping along in his tractor ploughing his field and looking bored that this is an easy task. There is a trick to getting the soil to fold over without going too deep. There is skill in lining up those lines.

When it came time to make the break from our city jobs and move to the farm we took stock and decided that the fact that the farm had no house was a hurdle!! We wanted to open a garden centre along with the seed business and the timeline to build a house and then a garden centre would just be too long.

We decided to take a look at garden centres up for sale. That was step one on our road from Quebec to BC.

Our trip out to BC to check it out was great. Check our the update on our trip.

The New Organic Grower

Eliot Coleman is just a wonderful writer when it comes to organic growing. He writes clearly and succinctly on organic methods and has a wealth of experience.

Organic Farming Manual

Organic Certification is a complex and time consuming activity. This book gives you a leg up on what you need to do and the records you need to keep to achieve organic certification.

Misty and the Store
Misty and the Store

Where we Wound Up

We found a wonderful new location for our seed business and a new garden centre. Sold everything – believe it or not there are tricks to garage sale success, its not just a matter of plunking stuff out there. So much stuff... 14 years worth of stuff accumulated by 4 packrats. But we did it, we cried, we danced about, and we moved. The blog tells all.

At the end of our journey we wound up in Powell River, BC. A little known jewel on the coast. It takes 2 ferries and 2.5 hours to get here from Vancouver, but Oh so worth it!! We have opened our garden centre and are living in a wonderful community and climate.

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    • emmaklarkins profile image


      6 years ago

      What a brave thing to do! My family moved across the US, from California to Maine, and it sure was an upheaval!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      The beauty of farming is that you know exactly what goes into the foods that you eat each day. I think more people are becoming concerned about their food sources which is a very good thing. Perhaps our methods of farming and stock holding animals will become more humane and environmentally friendly.


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