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Wellfleet, MA

Updated on March 29, 2013

Wellfleet, MA - Beautiful Marshes, Beaches, Art Galleries and Nature on Cape Cod

Known for its spectacular oysters, mesmerizing salt marshes, protected beaches, and fine art galleries, Wellfleet, MA is one of Cape Cod's most beautiful towns. On the east, Wellfleet is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, which laps the Cape Cod National Seashore. On the west side of Wellfleet is Cape Cod Bay, which you can often see whales and harbor seals if you gaze long enough.

This page will give you some great recommendations on what to do in Wellfleet, provide you with photos, videos, official town links, and Wellfleet products. Scroll down to start reading and viewing!

Top left: Uncle Tim's River Bridge, Wellfleet.

Wellfleet has a number of beaches, amongst the best on Cape Cod. With big surf on the Atlantic side, and dramatic, unforgettable sunsets on the Cape Cod Bay side, you'll have the best of both worlds. Here are the best known beaches in Wellfleet:

Cahoon Hollow Beach

Take Cahoon Hollow Road off Route 6 in Wellfleet to find Cahoon Hollow Beach. This beach boasts 90 foot sand dunes that provide a dramatic backdrop to your beach going experience, along with a lack of kids. This is one of Cape Cod's most scenic beaches.

Marconi Beach

In South Wellfleet, you can find Marconi Beach, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. This beautiful, pristine beach also has a giant sand dune backdrop, and is named after the man who invented the first Trans-Atlantic wirleless connection to the UK here. Get here early in the summer, because this beach fills up fast.

White Crest Beach

Near Cahoon Hollow Beach is White Crest Beach. This beach also has the Wellfleet trademark towering sand dunes behind it, with some of the best surf on Cape Cod. Accessibility to this beach may prove to be a challenge for seniors and children.

Mayo Beach

Located on the Bay side of Wellfleet, Mayo Beach is much more calm, relaxed, and slower paced than the rougher Atlantic facing beaches like White Crest and Cahoon Hollow. This is suitable for families and children, and has beautiful views of the calm waters, surrounding by dune grass. Find this beach off of Commercial Street in Wellfleet, which is off of Route 6.

Duck Harbor

Duck Harbor is one of Wellfleet's calmer beaches, with sandy stretches of shoreline and on-site bathroom facilities available. You can find this beach off of Duck Harbor Road, which is off of Chequesset Neck Road in Wellfleet. You'll need to obtain a sticker to park at this beach, which can be found at the town pier.

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The town has the second greatest concentration of art galleries on Cape Cod, right after Provincetown.

-, The History of Wellfleet

Cape Cod's Trendiest Town?

The title says that Wellfleet is Cape Cod's trendiest town. Could it be? The author, an inkeeper on Cape Cod, provides insight about one of Cape Cod's least visited, yet most striking towns.

Wellfleet, An Insider's Guide to Cape Cod’s Trendiest Town
Wellfleet, An Insider's Guide to Cape Cod’s Trendiest Town

Includes personal photos from the author of Wellfleet.


The sign for the Wellfleet Drive In Theatre, Seen on Route 6.

The sign for the Wellfleet Drive In Theatre, Seen on Route 6.
The sign for the Wellfleet Drive In Theatre, Seen on Route 6.

Cape Cod Wellfleet Bay Hatches Creek

The Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary has over 1,100 acres of beautiful salt marshes, beaches, pines, and ponds, with scenic trails and nature viewing opportunities that are some of the best on Cape Cod. View shorebirds in Wellfleet, gaze out on the open ocean, or go for a guided hike. Visit the website for more information on hours of operation and directions.

Books on Cape Cod - Make your trip more enjoyable with these guides and novels!

Cape Cod Artist Original Paintings - Original oil paintings by Breten Bryden

From the artist:

I have been painting professionally now for about 17 years and my work is in private collections all over the world.

Painting is definitely my passion in life. Well, that and motorcycle riding... but I get to ride my bike to take photo's to paint, so life is good! I live on Cape Cod with my 2 girls and 2 cats. There is so much beauty here, so much to translate onto canvas. With every new painting I am learning and growing, not only artistically, but spiritually as well. My life is filled with joy and I believe that spills out onto the canvases I paint, infusing them with love and light.

Wellfleet Map - A Google Map of Wellfleet - zoom in or get directions here

Plan out your trip to Wellfleet using this Google Map! Zoom in to see greater detail.

A marker02667 -
get directions

Wellfleet- Then and Now - A look back at historic Wellfleet

Get a glimpse into the past of Wellfleet...

Wellfleet (MA) (Then and Now)
Wellfleet (MA) (Then and Now)

When Nicholas Snow bought Billingsgate Island in the 1640s, he could not imagine where it would be today. Generations lived there and built homes, wharves, a school, and a lighthouse. By 1922, the sea swallowed this Wellfleet island, leaving nothing but a brickstrewn shoal, visible only at low tide.


Massachusetts' Wellfleet Oyster Restoration Project - Helping restore the oyster population of Massachusetts

Massachusetts famous Wellfleet Oysters are getting a boost from a first-of-its-kind restoration project on Cape Cod. By experimenting with structures on which oyster seed can stick, The Nature Conservancy, NOAA and Mass Audubon hope to bolster wild Eastern oysters and restore habitats that defend the shoreline against sea level rise. Learn more at

Harbor Seals in Wellfleet Harbor - Regulars to the Wellfleet area

Watch this video to see harbor seals, which can often be seen in Wellfleet, swim around in the Wellfleet harbor in 2008. Keep a watchful eye and be patient and you just might see one yourself!

A Salute to Marconi Beach in South Wellfleet - A brief view of beautiful Marconi Beach in January

Wellfleet Scenes - Photos of Wellfleet - a photographer's slideshow

Cape Cod National Seashore, in Wellfleet.

Cape Cod National Seashore, in Wellfleet.
Cape Cod National Seashore, in Wellfleet.

Thanks for stopping by! Wellflleet is one of Cape Cod's most scenic towns, with views of both the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay. The marshes in Wellfleet are top notch for photographers, while the beaches are some of the least crowded and nicest. How about you? Do you have an opinion or recommendation on a business, beach, restaurant, hotel or coffee shop in Wellfleet? Tell us here, and give everyone a big recommendation!

Above: Blackfish Creek, seen from Route 6 in Wellfleet.

You can also read more about Massachusetts towns on the South Shore Mass blog.

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Have You Been to Wellfleet, MA? - Tell us about your trip to Wellfleet, recommend a beach, restaurant, hotel, or scenic drive in town!

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