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West End

Updated on November 3, 2013

West End, Brisbane

West End is a suburb of Brisbane but got it's name from the West End in London. It does have some similarities with London such as being close to the major River and being close to the City Centre.

West End is towards the West of the city on the Southern Side of the Brisbane River. The Brisbane River snakes around West End giving it a large river frontage.

To the Australian Aborigines West End was know as the "Place of the water rat" or Kurilpa. West End still has a street next to the water named Kurilpa Street and a Kurilpa Park in neighboring South Brisbane.

West End still has over 50% houses. Most of these houses are Queenslaner style homes. Units and High story apartments are becoming more common as land becomes of shorter supply in the area.

West End Dandely on Gifts
West End Dandely on Gifts

West End Brisbane Shops and Lifestyle

West End has some great restaurants,cafe's, bars and independent shops. Boundary Street is probably the most well known and most diverse shopping experience in West End, If not Brisbane. If you want a relaxed and less formal setting the cafes of Boundary Street are a great place to catch up with friends or make new ones.

Shops in West End cater for everything. From the Vietnamese Bakery to the uniqunes of Dandely on Gifts West End has an inner city beat worth checking out!

Amonia extractor Davies Park West End

Davies Park West End Tower
Davies Park West End Tower

Davies Park in West End contains a real classic piece of engineering work. This is am impressive structure. The outer shell made in small cast Iron sections and bolted together. The castings contain a square line pattern you can see painted white.

The tower was used back when Brisbane used Coal Gas instead of Natural Gas. When the coal gas was produced, it contained contaminants such as sooty tar and ammonia. This tower was used to remove the ammonia and soot from the coal gas.

Ammonia bonds with water very rapidly, so I believe the tower was used to pass the hot coal gas through. The gas would have gone in at the bottom and come out at the top. Inside the shell the gas would have been exposed to water which would combine with the ammonia in the gas. The water coming out of the tower would contain the ammonia, Ammonia in its raw state is a gas at room temperature/pressure.

West End Ferry Terminal

West End City Cat Brisbae River St Lucia
West End City Cat Brisbae River St Lucia

This is the Ferry Terminal at West End with the CityCat just arriving with passengers. On the other side of the Brisbane River is St Lucia.

From West End you can catch the CityCat ferry to the City, UQ or any river destination.

Parks and Recreation in West End

Yoga in Park West End
Yoga in Park West End

West End is not often thought of in the same light as other recreational areas of Brisbane. Newfarm Park and Southbank for example jump to mind of relaxing recreational places. West End how ever has numerous parks on the river front and is only a short bike ride from the city centre.

The photo here is a group of ladies(and one lucky man) using one of the parks near the river to practice Yoga. It is a perfect setting with large trees for shade.

West End Markets

West End Markets Fruit and Vegetables Brisbane
West End Markets Fruit and Vegetables Brisbane

West End markets are on every Saturday at Davies Park. Lots of fres fruit and vegetables and organic produce at good prices. They are one of the busiest markets in Brisbane.

Carrol Singers at West End

Christmas Carrols at West End Brisbane
Christmas Carrols at West End Brisbane

Christmas in West End, Brisbane. It is a little bit warmer then it's London counterpart. No snow just 30+ degree heat.

These carrol singers are cooling down the Garage cafe, West End

View of West End

West End View of Brisbane
West End View of Brisbane

View from Highgate Hill of West End. Highgate Hill is the next suburb over from West End.

West End Brisbane Comments

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      The Amonia thingy. I always thought it was a large dildo.

    • MrAusAdventure profile image

      Bill 5 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      I like West End as it is not as crowded as Southbank and has great markets. We used to picnic there regularly. I was wondering what that tower was for. If you check out my YouTube channel, you will see it featured briefly on a video of a bike ride to West End with my family that I filmed earlier this year.

    • aviwolfson profile image

      Avi Wolfson 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Very informative! Great lens!