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What Is a Party Bus: Party Bus Rental

Updated on August 29, 2013

What is a party bus? A party bus or party ride is a large vehicle that can accommodate big groups of up to 69 people and is primarily rented out for celebrations of any kind. The party bus may have one or two floors (a double decker party bus) and is modified to maximize space for movement such as walking around or dancing. You can often choose from various party bus floor plans. Party buses may come with various amenities for your gathering such as a restroom, television, strobe lights or a sound system that can be connected to your mp3 player.

Usually, a professional chauffeur who is licensed to drive large vehicles will be in charge of taking you from place to place. There is often a sliding partition for privacy to separate the chauffeur from the rest of the party bus. The advantage of having a chauffeur is that all passengers can drink alcohol (as long as all passengers are of legal age) and thoroughly enjoy the time without worrying about who the designated driver will be and how everyone will get home safely. Although drinking is allowed on the party bus, smoking is typically not allowed.

What Is a Party Bus Rental Price?

A party bus rental is usually calculated at an hourly rate and party bus prices can range from $100-$200 per hour. There may be a minimum party bus rental period with a fixed rate for the first few hours. Note that a security deposit may be required to reserve a party bus and 10-25% gratuity may be included in your party bus prices. Don't forget to ask about special discounts, seasonal sales and package deals. Browse through party buses at

Party bus rates may vary depending on various factors such as:

  • the size of the party bus
  • what the party bus will be used for
  • your pick-up and drop-off locations (typically, this is the same location)
  • any amenities requested
  • length of party bus rental time
  • day of the week or month (a party bus rental may be more expensive on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays)
  • party bus availability
  • party bus theme, if applicable
  • cancellation policy

What Is a Party Bus Rental for?

The essence of a party bus is providing a fun and enjoyable means of transportation to and from any location, so every moment of your event is memorable. A party bus rental is truly for any occasion, holiday or special event. Sometimes, the party bus may simply serve as a means of transportation from one point to another while other times, the party bus may be the sole party venue and the chauffeur can drive around for the party bus rental time without a specific destination.

Popular events that involve a party bus rental include:

  • birthday parties
  • bachelor parties
  • bachelorette parties
  • proms and graduations
  • city tours
  • pub crawls
  • weddings
  • casino nights

Party buses have also been rented out for:

  • corporate meetings
  • sports games
  • tailgate parties
  • holiday parties
  • real estate showings
  • family or high school reunions
  • fundraising
  • anniversaries
  • concerts and other shows

What Is a Party Bus Amenity?

Just like any party venue, you may consider choosing the color of your party bus and decorating your party bus, especially for a themed event such as a wedding. Some party bus companies will provide decorations and/or allow time for you or the event planner to decorate the party bus before your event begins.

You can also plan for serving meals on the party bus and providing different types of entertainment. By planning in advance, you can make sure your party bus has the amenities for the perfect trip.

Party bus amenities may include:

  • restroom facility, which is almost a necessity if your party bus event will involve drinking
  • large flat-screen plasma TVs and satellite TV channels
  • video game consoles
  • custom surround sound system with subwoofers and amplifiers
  • AM/FM radio
  • dvd player
  • karaoke machine
  • cd player
  • mp3 player or ipod connection
  • granite wet bar and fridge
  • pony keg
  • built-in ice chests
  • drink holders built into tables and cups
  • garbage and recycling
  • complimentary ice and drinks
  • laser, fiber optic, neon, disco or strobe lights for a night club effect
  • smoke or fog machine
  • wide dance floors
  • tinted windows
  • air conditioning
  • hardwood or stone tile flooring
  • removable stripper, dancing or support poles in the center of the bus
  • LED walls that can change color
  • mirrored or LED ceilings that can change color
  • luxury or leather seating such as couches
  • hot tub or jacuzzi
  • aquarium or water display
  • live band or musicians
  • cell phone charging station
  • partition or VIP rooms
  • baggage compartments for long-distance travel
  • wheelchair accessibility
  • decorations such as balloons or streamers
  • personal attendants, hosts, escorts or tour guides

Many of the above party bus amenities can be requested or rented from a third party to be used or enjoyed inside the party bus. Depending on the type of party you're organizing, your party bus rental may also be accompanied by special deals such as VIP entry or to certain clubs where you may also receive free drinks.

What Is a Party Bus Compared Vs. a Limo or Charter Bus?

A party bus is often confused with a limo bus or charter bus because all three buses look similar from the outside. Although they may have a similar interior layout as party buses, limo buses or limousine buses are promoted as luxury transportation so they are often fancier and more expensive than a party bus rental. On the other hand, a charter bus is focused on transportation without the bells and whistles. Charter bus seating is simple and set up in rows like on an airplane with no extra space or amenities other than possibly a restroom.

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