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What Is Diwali

Updated on October 25, 2013

Different stories related to Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in every state. Such is the fascination of celebrating Diwali that it has broken the barriers of boundaries and now is celebrated in many countries outside India.

There are various legends and stories which are narrated by the elders when it comes to Diwali. There might be a number of legends but one thing that can be said with surety is that Diwali brings people of all cultures closer to each other!

Lord Rama
Lord Rama

Diwali Story: Lord Rama And Sita

Diwali is referred to as the "festival of light" and it marks victory of good over evil. There are many religious stories based on why we celebrate Diwali. The most significant one according to Hindu mythology is based on Lord Rama's victory over Ravan. According to the Ramayana, Rama was the crown prince of Ayodhaya, but his step mother, Kaikeyi wanted her son Bharata to be made the king of Ayodhya even though he was not entitled to the crown since he was not the eldest among the four brothers. Rama's father Dashrath had previously given two boon to Kaikeyi for saving his life in a war with her clever guidance. As per boon she was entitled to ask two things from king Dashrath, which he will not refuse. Kaikeyi exercised these boons. First one being crowning her son as the King and second one being sending Lord Rama into exile for 14 years in forest as she was afraid that her son who respect Lord Rama as god, may very well reject the crown of Ayodhya, when he comes back from her house where he was visiting at that time. Upon hearing this King Dashrath fallen sick and Lord Rama himself went to exile for 14 years to fulfill his fathers words. His wife Sita and younger brother Laxmana also followed him.King Dashrath died due to this shock and thus he has fallen to the curse of two blind saints. He got a curse from them previously, that when he dies his sons will not be near to care for him.When Bharatha returned from his maternal house he refused to accept the crown and ruled Ayodhya on behalf of Lord Rama for 14 years.

In the penultimate year of exile Sita was abducted by the evil king of Lanka, Ravana. But Rama gathered an army of monkeys, build a bridge now known as adams bridge and fought for the release of his wife. He beheaded Ravana in the battle of Lanka and succeeded in his mission. He then returned to his Kingdom and was crowned as the king of Ayodhya. The citizens of Ayodhya were delighted with the return of their beloved princes and lighted candles and diyas to mark this special day. This day was the amawasya (no moon) day of the eighth month of the Hindu calendar. Since then Diwali is celebrated at this very day every year.

Hindus celebrate Diwali by sparkles, crackers, Sharing sweets and exchanging Diwali messages. Diwali is the new year as per hindu calender and even Indian Stock Exchange do a symbolic trading on Auspicious time for better new year. You can find Lot of houses decorated beautifully by Diwali Decorations in India

Diwali Gifts

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emperor Ashoka
emperor Ashoka

Buddhists Diwali

Buddhists also celebrate Diwali as according to them Ashoka, the great Indian leader, switched from violence to peace on this very day and converted to Buddhism. Interestingly, Diwali also finds a place in the heart of Jains as it is believed that on this very day the last Tirthankar of Jains, Mahavir attained the enlightened of soul.

Diwali Celebrations

Sample Diwali Wallpapers - Diwali Wallpaper #1

Diwali Wallpaper
Diwali Wallpaper

Diwali Wallpaper #2

Lord Rama Wallpaper
Lord Rama Wallpaper

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