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What Makes Santorini So Attractive?

Updated on September 10, 2014

The Uniqueness of Santorini Island

Is it because of the uniqueness of Santorini luxury hotels?

Is it because of the impressive landscapes?

Or is it because of the magnificent Santorini sunsets?

Santorini Island is part of the chain of Greek islands known as the Cyclades and is situated on the southern part of Cyclades Islands cluster, near the islands of Ios and Anafi. Usually referred to by the Greeks by its official name of Thira (or Thera) the name Santorini comes from the combination of the words Santa and Irini (means Peace in Greek). The island itself is quite small with a total area of only ninety six square kilometers but has an extensive coastline that stretches for almost seventy kilometers. As a result the island has a large number of different beaches some of which are sandy and other which are pebble.

This variety of beaches combined with the large number of Santorini hotels that can offer beach side accommodation or up on the cliffs, makes it a very popular destination for many of the sun seeking tourists. This however, is not what makes the island so unique. As part of the island itself and submerged within a large basin in the centre of the island is a largely dormant volcano (caldera) that was instrumental in both the formation of the island and the subsequent geographical and geological qualities that make it so breathtaking.

Several hundred years ago (1500 BC) a major eruption from the submerged volcano cause the destruction of much of the centre of the island and created sheer faced cliffs that are both inward and outward facing. For Santorini luxury hotels this created a golden opportunity to build on top of these high cliffs and create the Santorini hotels unique selling point, a breathtaking view of the famous Santorini sunset that can be viewed from the comfort of Santorini luxury hotels balcony from on top of a three hundred meter high cliff. This once in a lifetime view of the sunset is something enjoyed by the thousands of tourists who flock to the island each and every year.

On the west part of the island - which faces the caldera - is the Fira Town (capital of Santorini) and the villages of Oia, Imerovigli, Megalochori and Akrotiri, from where the famous Santorini sunset can be admired by the thousands of visitors each evening. A great number of Santorini luxury hotels are built right on the cliffs of these villages, at a height of 300 meters above the sea. Most of these Santorini luxury hotels are built in levels, according to the traditional Cycladic Architecture and feature luxury suites or apartments, with high class amenities and a private balcony where guests can enjoy the sea view and the sunset. All Santorini luxury hotels feature an outdoor swimming pool with a pool bar and a sun terrace for sunbathing and lounge. Also they have a gourmet restaurant serving local and Mediterranean cuisine delicacies and of course the famous Santorini wines.

In this part of the island are some of the most famous and popular beaches, such as the Red beach, the White beach, Vourvoulos and Ammoudi.

The east part of the island is without cliffs and here are some of the best sandy beaches of Santorini, such as Agios Georgios, Perivolos Black beach, Perissa Black beach, Kamari Black beach and Monolithos.

The east part villages of Santorini are more family oriented destinations and of course there are a lot of accommodation units here as well, varying from luxury hotels and apartments to rooms for rent category.

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