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What to do in London with your kids

Updated on September 22, 2011

Fun activities for families

London for kids

London is a city that offers such a wonderful variety of things to do with your kids out and about, that very soon you will discover a better way to spend quality time with your children other than shopping.

If you have kids of about 1 to 14 years old don’t really worry about what to do with them in town. There are plenty of places to visit and endless choices of activities for children in London that would suit anyone from 1 to 80 years old. Yes indeed! Because many of these activities are for families and adults too not just for children. So no matter the weather, anyone can fully enjoy London and don’t really think about the rain.

Take for instance the Natural History museum located in lovely Kensington area, very well known for being the favourite address of many millionaires and VIP people in town. There, you will find throughout the year, events and exhibitions regularly scheduled for families and children mostly taking place during the week-ends and bank holidays.

At the moment there are two exhibitions among others, which are particularly interesting. The first one is called Age of dinosaurs that would be running the entire forth coming summer. It suits any little child obsessed with dinosaurs ( this is one the most intriguing topic for boys age 4 to 10 and beyond).

The exhibition will take visitors back 65 millions years to the Jurassic age with displays of almost real dinosaurs from protoceratops to velocivaptore from the terrifying Tarbosaurus to the not less frightening Camarasaurus. The exhibition also benefits from animatronics displays and plenty of interactive activities, specimens of extinct plants and animals, real fossils included films, footages and games . Get a real flavour of a your very personal Jurassic Park real experience!! From the 22nd of April.

The other exhibition is all about the wonderful and extraordinary world of butterflies. These beautiful creatures are displayed live in the Butterflies House divided in 5 different areas where there will be more than 100 species of live butterflies and moths. It is completed by interactive activities, fully explanations of how they reproduce themselves, how they survive, life cycle, You wil hear them, smell them and even feel them in your hands if it happens that they will land on you. From 12th April to 11th of September, Sensational Butterflies . Interesting suggestions on how you can attract butterflies in your garden once at home are included in the package.

For those who prefer creativity and art to nature and science the Geffry Museum in East London has a range of fun activities for children every first Sunday of the month. Children will be entertained with art craft lessons, quizzes, painting activities and so on. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult. Particularly interesting is the Geffry museum's website for children that offers additional games and activities and where the children can even download the range of activities done during those workshops. The Geffry is an Art and Interior design museum dedicated to the changes in style and design of the English dwelling during the history from the 1600 to the present.

Talking about things to see in London means also talking about the Royal Parks a treasures of nature that gives the city its oxygen lungs where you can literally forget to be in London. They are scattered all around the city so that where ever you are you can easily reach one or few of them in your area without travelling too far way. The London Parks are, in my humble opinion, are the best in the world, certainly gems that tourists should not miss in their visit to London.

Royals Parks such as Hyde Park, Regents Park Richmond Park, Holland Park, the Greenwich Park and many many others are an ideal place to really enjoy a day out in Town. Even smaller parks and not so famous green areas all over London, very often offer some interesting houses to see, little lakes and ponds and zoos or farmhouses where you can take the children and have a pleasant, relaxing day. Many of them have t excellent playgrounds like the one in Kensington Garden dedicated to Princess Diana where children can play in a Pirate boat or Holland park where you can find an original adventure playground or Battersea Park one of the biggest in town. Also Battersea Park is home of a little zoo where all sort of animals can be found from the monkeys to farmhouse pets from reptiles to rabbits. There is also an area where kids are allowed to stroke the certain animals. If you are an animal lover, or your kids are, you might be interested to know that this incredible city is home to 39 farmhouses. Therefore in London you have the chance to visit a farmhouse without going in the countryside. How cool is this?

Take for instance Deen Farmhouse located in South Wimbledon area, has 5 acres of land where also live some unusual animals like alpacas and a snow white peacock called Derek. There is also a riding school and a community and cafe’ garden. The enter is free.

If you live or are located in Hackney you can visit Hackney city farm where your day out in the countryside will be completed by a delightful lunch at the Italian deli called Frizzante (it means sparkly). Learn how to do art craft and textiles design at the workshops that regularly take place there.

Outdoor activities in London cannot be completed without a visit to a stunning natural oasis called Wetland in the heart of the city. This amazing centre is a conservation project, one of the most important attempt of the last century. It is a nature reserve of 42 acres the largest in Europe where you can observe and watch wildlife like 82 different species of birds, fishes, snakes, butterflies, amphibians, bats and many more creatures. . A truly unique experience for the nature lovers. Children will be entertained by a wide range of activities and tours through out week-end and bank holidays.

Rainy Days in London are very often are boring and miserable for kids. So why don’t you take them to the V&A museum for children where they will find how we adults used to play at their age and even our grannies. Let’s them have a laught on us!

And if you wondering how on earth you can reach all these place without a car don’t worry ! London is famous to have one of the best transport system in the world. Even better! Children under 5 travel free of charge with an adult that has got a valid ticket and there are a range of discounts for families and children on buses, tube, railway ecc.

So, have I convinced you to abandon the idea of dragging a reluctant child to your Sunday shopping and taking him instead to have fun in one of those places? I truly hope so. Think about quality time and watch them grow up with a true interest in life.

Sensational Butterflies

Sensational Butterflies
Sensational Butterflies | Source

Age of Dinosour

Age of Dinosour
Age of Dinosour | Source


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