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Where is Mississippi and the Gulf Coast For Beach Vacations

Updated on January 10, 2017

Where is Mississippi?

Where is Mississippi and the Gulf Coast for beach vacations. Most people have heard of, but where is Mississippi and the Gulf Coast? Well to answer that question I have to tell you that Mississippi is one of the southern most states of the United States and has some of the most amazing attraction of any state in the nation. When I think where to spend a holiday, I immediately envision the white sand beaches that run from Louisiana to Alabama for your holiday, creating a span of 26 miles of soft sand. It is protected by a long string of undeveloped barrier islands, one being Ship Island named by the French explorers in 1699. You can take an excursion out to Fort Massachusetts and enjoy the pristine sand, swimming and basking in the sun .

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi is home to several military bases and NASA. The new Infinity Science Center is a spot to bring the entire family and learn about space, the oceans and the layers of the Earth. Inspire your youngest members to become part of history. There are so many things to do I'm sure I won't remember all of them. If you want a sunset dinner or romantic cruise, a day at the spa, water park, children's museums, art museum, drive into New Orleans, have cafe o'lait and beignets, see live entertainment, or just chill, the Mississippi Coast is the place to come. Of course swimming tops the list.

Many visit and never go back home once they experience a holiday on the coast, once it's in your heart you will want to come back again. I personally go to the beach several times a week. I like to take my dog Scooter and let him run the beach for some exercise. I follow along and hunt beach treasures, over the years I have brought back many thing to decorate my garden. Things like driftwood, anchor rope, and shells just to name a few. The photo was taken by my husband I am the one on the ground under the para-glider. The man was on a parachute that had a gasoline driven fan for propulsion and zipped around the beach and across the water for about a half an hour, then his friend got on and took a turn. It looked like fun. There are many places along the beach that rent jet skis, kayaks, bicycle boats, and other fun water toys. Of course you can always get a snow cone from one of the vendors when you want to cool down.

Buy some For your holiday

Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter
Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter

A portable shelter is perfect for a day at the beach or ship island.


Find Things to Do

Find an Activity

Every year people travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a holiday and wonder why they never visited before. There is so much to do and see on the coast you may need to take more than a week to do it. These are just some of the activities that you will want to do.

1. Casinos-There are more than a dozen popular casinos, with outstanding buffets and restaurants.

2. Spas-More than a couple dozen high end spa, many of which are located on casino properties.

3. Water & Beaches-Swimming, excursions, water sports, water parks, boating, charter fishing and more.

4. Outdoors-World class golf, nature tours, cruises, Mardi Gras, Cruising the Coast, birding, hiking, and much more.

5. Family Activities-Jet skis, kayaking, museums, outlets stores, local parks, shrimping trips, Ship Island excursions, The Infinity Science Center, and public transportation.

6. Live Entertainment-Big name performances, theater, concerts in the park, and at festivals.

7. Outdoor Festival-Include, Crab Fest, Mardi Gras, Beer Fest, Wooden Boat Show, Crawfish Fest, Shrimp Fest, Ethnic Fests, and more.

8. Dining-A variety of choices from fast food to elegant dining.

9. Lodging-Ranging from campgrounds, economy, to high-end accommodations.

10.Shopping-Factory Outlets, Malls, Boutiques, Antique, and Second-hand shopping.

If you want more, visit the Biloxi Visitors Center or a visitor center in the city you are visiting. There you can get plenty of advice, brochures, and information about activities and attractions along the Gulf Coast. Your stay will be a memorable one, so don't forget a camera for some photos of the beautiful landscapes and fun you are having. Have fun and visit soon, any season will do there are things to do year round.

Have FUN on the Coast

Have you ever visited a Lighthouse up close?

Have you ever visited a Lighthouse up close?
Have you ever visited a Lighthouse up close?

Enjoy the Festivals

You Might Want to Visit One of Our Many Casinos

You Might Want to Visit One of Our Many Casinos
You Might Want to Visit One of Our Many Casinos

FREE Things to do on the Gulf Coast

There is Plenty of Free Entertainment Too!

The list of Free entertainment is endless. I will try to name some that you and your family may enjoy. These are activities located across the Mississippi Gulf Coast, New Orleans is only about 45 miles from coast, easy to get to and can entertain you with lots of free street entertainment.

1.The Aaron Jones Family Interactive Center--for children under the ages of 5 years.

2 The Bay St. Louis Duck Pond--bring your lunch and some food for the ducks.

3.The Biloxi Fire Museum--the 1937 fire station returned to it's former glory.

4. Busted Wrench Garage, Museum--classic cars galore.

5. Splash Pads in Gulfport--there is a Pirate ship aqua rings for kids to walk thru just plain water fun.

6. Crooked Letter Brewing Company Tours--tour the company.

7. Fort Maurepas Park & Splash Pad--relax and let the kids enjoy the water fun.

8. Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve--Exploration and Discovery

9. Hurricane Katrina Tree Sculptures--These can be viewed up and down the beach.

10. Magnolia State Rocker-- World's Largest Rocking Chair

11. Marshall Jesus Sculpture--Made from a hurricane Katrina damaged tree.

12. McDonald Park & Splash Pad--More water fun for kids.

13. Ocean Springs Bridge Mosaic Mural--A mosaic mural on the bridge.

14 .Pascagoula River Audubon Center--The last free flowing river in 48 states,& habitat for birds & wildlife.

15. Shearwater Pottery--George and Annette Anderson family owned pottery studio.

16. St. Michael Catholic Church--Known as the "'Fishermen's Church"

17. The Wave Gallery--Art displayed and for sale by local artists.

Your sure to save your budget with these activities and just playing on the beach has always been a local free attraction. You and your family will enjoy the time you spend with us and who knows you may be back next year for another visit. Book your trip today.

Pull a Chair Up or Rent a Boat and Fish on The Bayou

Pull a Chair Up or Rent a Boat and Fish on The Bayou
Pull a Chair Up or Rent a Boat and Fish on The Bayou

New Orleans is less than 45 miles from the western border of Mississippi.

New Orleans is less than 45  miles from the western border of Mississippi.
New Orleans is less than 45 miles from the western border of Mississippi.

You could be the one sitting here.

You could be the one sitting here.
You could be the one sitting here.

Isn't it time to visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Would you like to visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast? - Beaches, Casinos, Museums, NASA, and Fun and Sun for the Entire Family

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    • profile image

      GEMNITYA5 3 years ago

      COOL Mississippi-and-the-gulf-coast

      Also shared on Facebook :)



    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      I hope to visit Mississippi one day. Your excellent presentation with the photos show a very interesting place to visit. Enjoyable:=)

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 4 years ago from Concord VA

      Yes, I'd love to visit Mississippi sometime. All of the above sounds fun!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Although I haven't been in a couple of years, I love to visit the casinos in Biloxi. I'm overdue for a trip to the Mississippi gulf coast.