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Where to Eat in Cheonan

Updated on February 27, 2015

Want to know the best restaurants in Cheonan, South Korea? I'll review my favorite places to eat in this restaurant guide.

There are lots of delicious restaurants in Cheonan. Many of them offer vegetarian choices and takeaway options. From top-quality Italian to an authentic Korean duck experience, Cheonan really does have it all. Amazing for such a small place. Consider this your online source for food in Cheonan! And remember to check out Mount Fishtail for some delicious Indian Food. It's the most famous expat restaurant in Cheonan! Of course, be sure to check out Cantina, it's the recently opened Mexican place.

Mount Fishtail: Best for Vegetarians!

There is a fabulous Indian restaurant in town. It has amazing curries and Naan bread. My favorite is the Chicken Sagwala. I could easily go once a week and never get sick of it. Prices are reasonable at about 10 000 Won for a Naan and Curry.

Go to Cheonan station, courtyard side (with the tourist information). Go to the taxi stand and go under that main street so you're just opposite the taxis. Walk straight up the hill about 10 seconds. Look up, it's on the second floor.

The best chicken in Cheonan: The Fry Pan

This place has the best fried chicken I've ever eaten in my life! Juicy and tender. The menu is small, only chicken (breasts/drumsticks or combo), homemade chips, salad and beer. Prices are decent...2 people can get a beer and a set for about 20 000 Won.

Directions: Go to the Baskin Robbins across the street from the Yawoori Department Store downtown. Walk 2 streets back. You'll see a small park on your right. Look around. You'll see a red sign with English writing, "The Fry Pan." It's on the first floor. There's a coffee shop above it. Hours are dinner/evening only.

If you live in the Asan area, there is a branch in Baebang-Eup. Scroll down for directions to the Thai restaurant in Baebang and the Fry Pan is right across the street.


W Burger at Shinsegae

Right next to movie theater on the 5th floor of the Shinsegae department store downtown is an amazing food court. There are plenty of choices, but the one that caught my eye was W Burger. They have a nice selection of burgers (the Hawaian was delicious) for about 6000 Won, along with onion rings, french fries and other standard fare. The burger was the best in town, and it's definitely worth a trip, pre or post movie. The only downside is the atmosphere, which is food-court style, and it's not really a place where you sit down and linger.

M-Pasta in Baebang (1/2 way between Cheonan and Asan)

Excellent service (actually the owners are the waiters, which is something I always appreciate). Nice atmosphere. Decent prices. An extremely generous glass of yummy red wine for 4000 Won. And best of all, delicious food. I usually have something to complain about in a restaurant, but truly I can think of nothing. I tried 2 appetizers, including bacon asparagus and mozzarella tomatoes. Both delicious. For the main course, I had a cream spaghetti, but also tried some of the pizza and tomato pasta. The pasta was better than Dono Marco and the pizza rivaled Riposo. Kim said her cream sauce was the best she's had in Korea. Fresh brewed coffee was for dessert. They even brought us a little milk for the coffee with no hassle. We even had some special requests, such as some broccoli added to my pasta, no cheese on the salad, not spicy tomato sauce and it was all done to perfection with no hassle. Try this at Riposo and see what result you get! Haha!

Dinner for the 4 of us, with 6 glasses of wine, and appetizers, and a shared extra pizza came out to 90 000 Won. Very reasonable for the quality of food and service.

How to get there? This is the not so easy part, but it's totally worth it! You'll need to get yourself to Baebang-Eup. You can take the subway from Cheonan/Asan, or take bus #900-931 from Cheonan or Asan. When you're in Baebang, the best thing to do it take a taxi to Samsung Electronics main gate (Samsung Jeun-ja, Jeung Mun). With your back to the factory, look across the street. You'll see an Angel in Us Coffee. Look further down the street to your right. You'll see a Roasting Veber Coffee Shop (which is fabulous!). M Pasta is kind of just behind Roasting Veber on the back street right behind it. It's adjacent to a little park.

And don't bring a big group (like more than 4). It has very few tables and apparently is always very busy.

All that BBQ Salad Bar Buffet

There is a Western Style salad bar restaurant is now in downtown Cheonan. It's called "All That BBQ" and it's located right below the Art Gallery/Coffee Bean, next to the Yawoori.

The basic menu is a salad bar, for around 15000 won, depending on when you go. Salad, pasta, good bread, fruit and grilled veggies, rice dishes, soups, coffee, tea are all included. Everything was fresh and tasted great. It was a pretty good deal in itself.

Then, you can add on some BBQ ribs, scallops, shrimp, duck, pineapple or steak. The prices were very reasonable. I had some BBQ pork ribs, which were a generous, meaty portion for about 3000 won. My friend had scallops and shrimp and said they were amazing. Again, about 3000 won for a decent portion.

Draft beer is quite cheap as well.


Loving Hut Vegetarian Restaurant

There is a branch of the popular Loving Hut chain in neighboring Asan. They have a range of dishes that are totally vegan. Most of them have some sort of soy-based meat imitation product in them that tastes surprisingly like meat. The side-dishes are fresh and delicious, as are their main dishes. They have a small selection of vegan products for sale in their store.

It's not that easy to find, but just follow these directions and you should get there for sure! Go to Onyang Oncheon Station. From there, you can walk or take a taxi to Asan City Hall (Asan Shi-Chang). You'll see a post office across from the main entrance of City Hall. Walk down that side street, across the little stream and you'll see it on your left.

They are closed the third Sunday of the month.

041-549-1638, 010-2730-1638

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Kraze Burger

This is a chain restaurant that started in Seoul but has now spread to various locations in Korea. And now, Cheonan has one too. To be fair, it's a bit overpriced, but similar to what you'd pay for other Western food. They have delicious burgers with no strange sauce on them. Crisp vegetables, and a tasty bun, and nicely seasoned meat. The chili is also delicious and you can get can chili-cheese fries. Also on the menu is salad, sandwiches and beer.

Service was good, they have lots of seating, and they gave separate bills, which is perfect for a group.

You can find Kraze Burger in the basement on the Galleria Department Store. It's right near Cheonan-Asan KTX station. It's only a 5 minute walk, so ask someone to point you in the right direction. There's also a branch near Dujeong Station.

Get your Korean Guidebook before your trip to Korea


Ashley's American Grill and Salad

There is a branch of this popular chain restaurant on the 8th floor of the Galleria Department store, next to the Cheonan/Asan KTX Station. Lunch is about 13 000 Won, while dinner is 19 000. They have a nice selection of food including: thin-crust pizza, fried chicken, prepared salads, soups, curries, make your own salad, ribs, chicken wings, and pasta. You can also make your own bowl of bibimbap. For dessert, they have cheesecake as well icecream and delicious made to order coffee.

The Food Court at the Galleria

In the basement of the new Galleria Department Store, near the Cheonan/Asan KTX Station is an amazing food court. It's kind of casual, pick what you see style and they literally have almost kind of Asian food you want. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere can't be beat. They also have a wine and grocery store in the same area, with a nice selection of import and organic food.

Alameda Brunch and Pasta

This restaurant is right near the Galleria, near the KTX Station. If you go across the street from the Galleria, you'll see a Cafe Bene on the corner. Walk away from the Galleria about 2 minutes and you'll see Alameda on your right-hand side.

This is a very new restaurant that does foreign food quite well. There is an extensive menu, for such a small place and includes salads, lots of breakfast items, pasta and a few random things like chicken wings. The group I was with tried a bit of everything and enjoyed them all. The pasta I had was not wildly delicious but on par with other Cheonan Italian restaurants like Dono Marco or M Pasta. And the breakfast was good, although it was no Butterfinger Pancake (the best breakfast I've ever had!). However, as far as I know, this is the only place in Cheonan doing Western-Style breakfast, which would be the main attraction for this place. The waffles really are delicious.

A downside is that it seemed quite expensive. Plates of pasta are about 14 000 Won, and breakfast is similar, or a bit more. But, check it out once and see what you think. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The owner, Jae speaks English. You can email or phone him for better directions:, 041-522-3388

Dono Marco

Check it out for some delicious Italian food, just like back home. They have a nice house wine, good salad and pasta. My favorite is the cream sauce salmon broccoli. It's creamy delicious.

It's downtown, across the street from the bus terminal. Go to the Dunkin Donuts and head down the side street away from the terminal 3 or 4 blocks. It's on your right-hand side with a big sign. You can't miss it. The broccoli-salmon is highly recommended!


Chain Restaurants: Outback Steakhouse and Vips

If you're into the big chain restaurants, Cheonan has two of the most popular ones in Korea. They are located downtown, near the bus terminals. They're right across the road from each other.

To be fair, both restaurants look the same on the inside and out as you'd see back home, but they're somehow not quite as delicious. And they're also expensive, so save this for a special treat and not a regular kind of thing. But, it is a welcome change from Korean and good for a special night out, such as a birthday party or something.

Seoul is a short KTX ride away from Cheonan

Gwangdeoksan: the most delicious duck I've ever eaten

...can be found at Gwandeoksan, a local mountain just outside of Cheonan. It's so delicious because they slow-smoke it first over an open fire before they bring it your table. And, the side-dishes are amazing, especially the pumpkin and salad. They also have very good samgyeopsal and sausages.

Your menu options are basically a 1/2 or whole duck (40 000 Won), or a set of assorted meat (50 000/4 people).

How to get there? Take bus #600 from in front of the Yawoori until the very last stop. From the bus stop, walk up the hill down the road, continuing on in the same direction the bus was going. Walk for about 3-4 minutes and you'll see a big restaurant on your left-hand side. They have the fire thing going on out front.


Giant Pizzas at Emart

If you're in the market for a giant pizza that will give you happy memories of how things are back home, you really should go to Costco. But, the nearest one is Daejeon. However, if you're looking for a Cheonan alternative, you can get the take-out pizzas at Emart. They're about 11 000 Won and for that price you get one of the biggest pizzas I've ever seen. Your choices are combination, cheese or bulgogi. The taste is decent and you'll have enough for about 4 meals!


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