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Is it Gypsum Sand, Glistening Snow, or Magical Fairy Dust?

Updated on July 26, 2017

Many Things Sparkle but None Like Those Found in Nature

So many things sparkle, glisten, shimmer, and shine. Fingernail polish, lip gloss, a brightly decorated New Years party, or Tinkerbells fairy dust just for a few examples. But in my opinion, the most beautiful things that sparkle come straight from nature, lit with natural sparkle from the sun.

A field of untouched snow full of ice crystals catching the sun is enchanting. A beautiful crystal lake as the sun dances and sparkles on the water ripples. A waterfall cascading in the sunlight and falling into an illuminated pool of water below sparkles with splendor. Or another phenomenon of nature found in a vast white area that seems to just have appeared magically from no where, full of beauty with hill after hill of rolling enchantment in a most unlikely place. It looks like a giant field of snow. But in this case, looks can be deceiving when you actually touch and feel. You soon understand this vast white substance has nothing in common with snow except the obvious white, crystal sparkling beauty. How is it possible to find something in the desert that appears to be miles and miles of white snow drifts? Is it just a mirage?

White Sands Missile Range

White Sands Missile Range located in the desert of New Mexico has great historic significance and amazing beauty. Join me in exploring a few facts of how this vast wilderness of rolling white dunes holds a significant place in American history.

Plus we will view photos depicting its wonderful beauty. In addition we will see its resemblance to Tinkerbell's fairy dust and examine its enchanting sparkle similar to that found in a familiar fairy tale. Finally we will learn why the sand is as white as snow.

White Sands is a 146,535.34 acre monument!

It is white due to great deposits of wind blown gypsum sand. In bright sunlight or moonlight, the white sand resembles a vast snowfield.

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It is Sparkly, Glittery Sand!

White Sands New Mexico--an Amazing Place to Visit

I was born and raised in New Mexico and throughout my school age years I learned a lot about the state of New Mexico. One of the aspects I found most fascinating regarding "The Land of Enchantment, aka New Mexico," was the area near Alamogordo known as White Sands. The thought of acres and acres of nothing but white as far as you could see sounded like a dream I could only imagine.

The city I lived in was a few hundred miles northeast of White Sands, so I never actually saw the vast fields of white gypsum until I was eleven. On a trip to El Paso, we drove past the White Sands Missile Range and the white, snow-like area was visible for miles and miles from the highway that we traveled on. We did not stop and visit the area on this trip but I had finally seen for myself how amazing it looked in person.

It wasn't until I was married and my youngest child was age ten that I actually got to feel and play in the white sand. I have a few pictures to share from our fun trip when we met my husband's brother and his family for a day at White Sands.

Fun in the White Sand

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Sledding downhill in the White SandFootprints in the sandBuried in the sandCousins playing togetherTopping the hill!Climbing up again!
Sledding downhill in the White Sand
Sledding downhill in the White Sand
Footprints in the sand
Footprints in the sand
Buried in the sand
Buried in the sand
Cousins playing together
Cousins playing together
Topping the hill!
Topping the hill!
Climbing up again!
Climbing up again!

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This one is Sparkly, Crystal Snow!

Monument Where Atomic Bomb was Tested

Which Would Prompt You to Visit White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico?

What is of greater interest to you?

The First A-Bomb Dropped to End WWII - These mushroom clouds formed when the atomic bomb was dropped.

Another Beautiful Sparkle of Nature is a Sandy Beach Glistening in the Sun

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Just for Fun--A "Sparkly" Movie Clip - I couldn't do a sparkle lens without my favorite "sparkly" film clip of all time.

Jeremy, the crow, voice of Dom Deluise, adds an element of humor. It provides a little unique sparkle of its own to this White Sands lens focusing on educational facts and history.

The story of Mrs. Brisby and her children is almost as enchanting as finding rolling hills of white in the middle of no where.

Hope you enjoy his humor in this clip!

Photo credit: Unless otherwise noted, all photos belong to Deborah Leigh Alexander & are not to be used without permission.

Have you ever been to White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico? - Does it sound fun to play in the sparkly white sand?

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