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Why Is Brexit Issue with Ireland Causing So Much Uncertainty in UK

Updated on March 18, 2019

Back in 2016 when British people decided to leave European Union the exit of UK from EU didn’t seem much complex. The debate that followed at the moment was whether it was prudent for UK to get separated from the Europe or not and, where does this globalization phenomenon stands after identity crisis is re-surging in the world. The question which was the most important and needed an attention was what would be the exact mechanism for UK’s exit from EU. Now when the date for Brexit execution is just approaching each side is perplexed as no agreeable mechanism for both sides has reached yet.

Well, the main reason why UK is stuck in limbo on the matter of Brexit is its will to avoid a hard border with Ireland. So, overall this is the Brexit Ireland issue which has made the situation complex and uncertain for UK politics in particular.

Why Ireland Border Is An Obstacle in the Way of Brexit Deal?

Republic of Ireland which is a part of EU (European Union) at present shares its only land border with Northern Ireland which is part of UK (United Kingdom). So, after the Brexit both these countries will fall under the separate jurisdictions causing a huge problem for the citizens on each side. UK which is likely to leave EU on March 29 if British MPs and then EU doesn’t agree a delay, wants to avoid a harsh Irish border.

But at the same time such a will comes with few restrictions which still make UK fall under the Jurisdiction of EU in certain areas making it possible for to achieve the true essence of Brexit.

Irish border remains primary obstacle in Brexit talks

What Is the Solution of this Problem?

A look at all the proceedings of Brexit reveals that Ireland problem is still the major issue. Earlier the deal agreed between Theresa May and EU had backstop provision that called the wrath of British MPs. Because according to this provision a UK exit without any deal will result in an open border between Ireland and UK; something which implies that UK will still have to follow some EU decisions.

Now when the date is just approaching the issue is still in limbo. UK Prime Minister Theresa May is just trying to get the votes of her fellow MPs on delay of Brexit till June 30. Even if the MPs vote for a Brexit delay of three months, May will still need to get agreement of EU leaders on this. But again, the delay doesn’t ensure that each side still has a valid and acceptable solution of Irish border.

It is to be noted that both EU and UK have ruled out the prospects of a no-deal Brexit.

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