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Wijeya Holiday Resort

Updated on July 5, 2014

Luxurious holiday resort with modern facilities surrounded by nature

Wijeya holiday resort in Kiriella is managed by Wijeya group of companies who are more renowned for there exploits in the gem business. Looks like they have used all that money from gems into good use because they have come up with a pretty impressive holiday resort fitted with modern day luxuries. Its about two hours drive from Colombo making it an ideal location for family trips, cooperate outings and one day excursions. A quick look at their rooms suggest that is the crowd they are targeting, because rooms are spaciously built and have facilities for four people to sleep very comfortably. It is very popular among nature lovers because it is surrounded by beautiful nature trails which lead through misty mountain ranges and tea plantations. And after a tiring trekking excursion there is a beautiful waterfall inside the resort for you to have fresh water bath.It is popular destination for cooperate outings because of the team building activities that they arrange for you. Lets take a look at facilities and activities available in the resort.

Beautiful landscaped garden at Wijeya Holiday resort
Beautiful landscaped garden at Wijeya Holiday resort

Facilities available for guests at Wijeya Holiday resort

The resort has lots of facilities available for guests so there is something to match everyone's needs. Below is a breakdown of some of the facilities available for guests.

  • Waterfall and nature pool - One of the main attraction of the resort, it is something everybody mentions when they talk about Wijeya holiday resort. A fresh water stream is blocked in several places using stone to create natural rock pools and sand is added to the bottom to make the bathing experience enjoyable.There are few nice places near the pool if you want to enjoy a relaxing drink while having a bath. The natural pool is in a somewhat secluded area in the resort so you can enjoy a bath with relative privacy.
  • Swimming Pool - The resort is built on top of mountain and the pool is near the edge of the cliff so you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountain range while you are having a swim. There is usually a lifeguard around and the deep end is around 7 feet so you are unlikely to drown in it anyway.
  • Badminton, Table Tennis and Cricket - Badminton courts and the table tennis table are near the room and the cricket ground is just a short distance away. All the necessary stuff like Badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, cricket stumps, bats and balls are available on request.
  • Gemstone and Handicraft shop - There is a shop with many gemstone jewelry, gemstones and various handicrafts found in the area. If you are looking for a souvenir there are plenty of options available to you.

Specail huts at Wijeya resort build for bird watching
Specail huts at Wijeya resort build for bird watching

Things to do at Wijeya Holiday Resort

The resort is situated on top of a mountain surrounded by mountains, tea plantations and forest vegetation. There are lots of activities available for visitors and guests.

  • Bird Watching - The surrounding forests are a great place to go bird watching. There are places specially constructed for easy bird watching. Early morning and late evening are the best times if you are looking to see lots of birds.

  • Going on Nature trails - Something which appeals more for the nature lovers, you can go on the nature trails that starts from the resort. There aren't any steep mountains or anything similar that is very challenging so most people can enjoy the nature trails. There is always the natural pool after a tiring trekking through the nature trail.

  • Boat Riding - There isn't a huge space so don't expect to go on a challenging boat ride. But it is something fun and mostly targeting teenagers and relatively young kids.

Fun team building activities at Wijeya Holiday Resort
Fun team building activities at Wijeya Holiday Resort

Team building and personal development activities

Wijeya holiday resort is a popular destination for cooperate outings because of the various team building activities available to you. They have a specialize team to handle these things and there are special packages prepared for everyone convenience. There are two day packages as well where you can spent the night out camping which is considered a great way to build trust between team members. There are some thrilling outdoor activities available for the more adventurous and some fun events if you are just looking for a play it safe event. Details about the team building program.

Buffet at wijeya resort
Buffet at wijeya resort

Lodging and food

As I mentioned before the resort is targeting groups so every room has facilities for four people to sleep comfortably. There is enough space to add few more so you don't have to worry about getting crowded. Every room has TV, Air conditioning, Wall hangers, Dressing table etc. The bathrooms are clean and have all the modern facilities.

The food is also good and quite tasty. As you can expect in Sri Lankan food it is quite spicy. You can eat from the buffet or you can order set menu's. The buffet will cost you extra 500 per person if you are staying full board. The restaurant staff is very friendly and always there to help out with anything.

Important things to remember

  • The resort is in Kiriella, 60KM away from Colombo and around two hour drive from Colombo. You can get there easily using the Panadura-Ratnapura road.
  • If your staying full board the check out time is 12 noon. Although you have to check out on time you can spend the evening at the resort enjoying various activities. For example we went to the nature pool in the evening and it was around 4.30 PM when we left the resort.
  • There is no corkage charge, so it is advisable to bring liquor from outside.
  • There are lots of things available for you to do so coming early is always a good idea so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Visited Wijeya Resort ? Share your experience or feel free to ask any question

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