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Wildlife in New Hampshire

Updated on June 5, 2017
Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia has years of experience with gardening and wild pests in Florida, New Hampshire, Kansas, Maryland, Australia, and South Texas.

Meet the Wild Animals of New England

It's such a joy to see a chipmunk skitter across the yard or a red squirrel nibbling on an acorn that it turns with it's small paws. Late at night I hear the forlorn call of a loon on a nearby lake. When you spend time in a region like New England, spotting new wildlife becomes a game and a challenge.

Even after many trips to New Hampshire and Maine, it was in Nova Scotia that I finally saw a moose. This lens focuses on the wildlife from the largest to the tiniest that you might see in New Hampshire. I try to capture them with my camera and will share my photo successes with you here. For the animals that I don't have photos of, I've found videos that show them in the wild.

If you're planning a trip to New Hampshire, here are some of the delightful creatures you might spot in that state.

(squirrel photo by Virginia Allain)

Small Animals in New Hampshire



Red Squirrels in New Hampshire

There are both red squirrels and the larger gray squirrels. I was fascinated by the range of foods that the red squirrels eat. According to the New Hampshire Public Television website on red squirrels, they eat insects, seeds, bark, nuts, fruits and mushrooms. I hope they don't eat my strawberries, blackberries and blueberries that I'm growing in my garden.

NHPT said that pine seeds are the main thing that they eat. I see the center core of pine cones littering the forest floor around certain trees. Probably that's where my red squirrel lives. One of my neighbors saw a squirrel eating a mushroom, so that confirms that part of their diet.

Chipmunk in New Hampshire
Chipmunk in New Hampshire

Chipmunks in New Hampshire

These are a real treat to watch. My chipmunks like to dig up flower bulbs after I plant them. After one taste, they abandon the bulb as not to their taste. Maybe they really want peanuts like this one on the magnet. It's so funny the way they stuff the nuts into their cheeks.

If you're a fan of these cuties, zip over to my page, Fun Facts about Chipmunks to learn more about them.

Porcupines in New Hampshire - this video shows a baby porcupine

Porcupines don't fare well around highways and high-speed traffic. I've seen a number of them dead along the roadway. Maybe someday I'll get to see one shuffling through the forest. I prefer to see it from a respectful distance.

Where to Find Wildlife in New Hampshire - Guide available from Amazon

This is a compact but information-filled guide to the wildlife of New Hampshire. Introduced with facts about tools, techniques, photography hints and ethics, the book continues with chapters on each of three regions of the state -- White Mtns and Northern, Uplands, Southern plains and hills -- each beginning with a color map showing the 20-30 viewing sites listed, followed by color drawings of various species and a page for each site which lists a description of the locale, viewing information, directions to the site, ownership, size, closest town and recreation and facility information. With lots of colorful photographs and practical information, this invaluable book concludes with a species index. Terrific. (Amazon review by Audrey)

Birds in New Hampshire


I finally captured a photo of a loon with a fish in its beak.
I finally captured a photo of a loon with a fish in its beak. | Source

Books about Loons and Other Gifts - from Amazon featuring loons

Merganser with Babies on Her Back

These were close enough to shore that I photographed them from the dock.
These were close enough to shore that I photographed them from the dock. | Source

Large Animals in New Hampshire


There Are Black Bear around - but I've not met one yet (thank goodness)

My friend saw two young bear cubs near the mailboxes, so we know they are around here. We tie down the lid of our trash can to keep bears or raccoons from exploring the contents. This past summer, my brother-in-law saw one just down the road after leaving our camp.

This video shows a black bear on a deck in NH. It's interested in the seed in the bird feeder. It looks just like my back deck, so it sent a shiver down my back to see the bear hanging out in this video.

If You See a Car by the Road, Look around for a Moose - they may have stopped to watch one

Don't get foolishly close to the moose. They seem placid, but are large, unpredictable wild animals. Don't crowd the moose or make it feel trapped or cornered.

Insects in New Hampshire


Moth Emerging from a Cocoon - Pale Beauty, Campaea perlata


This is a photo I took.


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