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Winter Prague

Updated on June 5, 2013

Prague in winter

Winter is just a great time to visit Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Very old and very romantic city is great for families, couples and also to go there and party. Christmas are very calm there, and it is just a great destination to celebrate New Year's Eve.

A lot of historical monuments and a romantic scenes of Prague with the snow slowly falling - It is unforgettable experience.

so let`s take a closer look on our opportunities.

Christmas markets

Important part of life in Prague before Christmas play markets. You can buy there some hot beverages, various delicious foods and a big variety of hand made crafts. It is worth visiting, the atmosphere is great, there is a lot of people every day, talking in groups, singing etc.

Prague can be even more romantic in winter...
Prague can be even more romantic in winter...


It might sound strange but Prague Zoo which is really one of the best in the world is great place to visit during winter. It is beautiful, there is snow everywhere and everything is calm and clean. Animals actually enjoy playing with it and are very excited about it. Of course there are some seasonal arrangements, for example although elephants actually enjoy snow they need some warm place to rest after their game.

So don't be afraid to visit ZOO during your winter trip.

New Year's Eve

Let's party!

Prague is very well known as a place where you can party well or sit in a pub enjoying good beer, but this gets even better during New Year'S Eve. There are thousands and thousands people in streets, and they are celebrating. Also fireworks are amazing. It is maybe not so crowded as in other cities, but it is surely warmer ( although it is usually very cold and snowing :) ).

New Year's Eve in Prague
New Year's Eve in Prague

Have you ever spent Christmas abroad? - Tell us about it.

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      JessicaLVine LM 4 years ago

      Amazing! No, I haven't.