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Celebrations Done Right!

Updated on June 4, 2014

You Do What?

All over the world there are crazy and a I must admit some wacky festivals! Through my research I have discovered some of the worlds most bizarre celebrations. Granted some of them look like they are a blast! My bucket list seems to keep on growing the more I look into these fully festivals. If you are looking for a bit of an adventure or excitement take a peak at what is going on around the world!


Gilroy's Garlic Festival

Vampires beware! Every year Gilroy, California throws a huge festival dedicated to yup, you guessed it, garlic. Be brave and dive into some garlic ice cream, or indulge in one of the other garlic treats. Every July thousands of people drive into Gilroy to indulge in garlic fries, garlic bread, and garlic ice cream. Although Gilroy is the Garlic Capital of the World, it is also known for it's toothpaste sales! (Not scientific evidence but come on!)

Battle of Oranges - Ivrea, Italy

Foood Fighttt! Just kidding! Well kind of. In Ivrea, Italy weapons are replaced with oranges in the reinactment of the insurrection of the king. I doubt that in 1194 two teams took to throwing oranges at each other creating a giant food fight, but it is a blast none the less!

Boryeong Mud Festival - Boryeong, South Korea

If you would love getting mud from head to toe you would love this festival. Every July people gather to sling mud at each other in Boryeong, South Korea. The mineral rich mud is well known and is often used in some of Korea's leading cosmetics. Once a year people come together and literally get covered in mud from head to toe. Personally I think it would be an absolute blast! I love the idea of getting super muddy and helping my skin at the same time.

Holi Festival - India

In late February/March on the last full moon day, Hindus and Sikh celebrate one of the most colorful celebrations. Late February/March, on the last full moon day. A festival full of love and color, it allows its' partakers the ability to renew relationships. Old, young, rich, poor, friends, and foes all join in.

A beautiful celebrations of Spring, families and friends usually gather to attack each other with colored powder and water mixtures. They will then bathe and dress in clean clothes to join their family and friends to celebrate and indulge in some Holi delicacies.

World Bodypainting Festival

Poertschach, Austria

I love body paint, and if you look into it you will find some amazing art work. At the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, you will witness some of the worlds finest examples of the beautiful and bizarre world of bodypainting. Every July artists, fashion gurus, and fans come together to enjoy the World Bodypainting Festival. With workshops, fashion shows, and galleries there is something for everyone.


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