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Your Fantasy Vacation in Canberra Australia

Updated on November 1, 2015

Canberra is only one of countless beautiful cities outside of Sydney. Find out how to get a reasonably priced vacation to someplace even better than Sydney


The world down under is remarkable and fantastic, check it out next vacation.

Australia is definitely becoming popular as a vacation spot. Whether you travel alone, with a single companion or take the entire family it is fun in the sun. The majestic scenery, beautiful sunsets and winters months which are summer time in Australia make her different from any other land on this planet. This is the place to take your next vacation and put your feet up for relaxation.

For your next time off from stress and fuss, consider Australia. The country has some of the most beautiful beaches and cities in the world. Have your time of situated on an island that was created in paradise. The cost is extremely competitive when compared with other destinations. There are a number of attractions besides the cost advantage for this particular country.


Canberra is the capital of city of Australia. The name is aboriginal and translates to “meeting place”. Located on the northern part of the brilliant Australian Capital Territory, the metropolis is stunning. Found 300 km southeast of Sydney and 650 km to the north of Melbourne. The central location is idea for a number of reasons. It is close enough to other major metropolis areas in the country most tourists are interested in visiting as well.

Why Canberra

Canberra was selected as the capital following a tug of war between the better known municipalities of Melbourne and Sydney. It was cherry-picked as a nucleus between the two magnificent cities. Along with other considerations the aborigine translation did have lots of influence on the decision.

This unparalleled gorgeous mecca is the symbolic home of all Australians and the center of political and the country's administrative power. The heart of business headquarters located around the nation are situated here.


Canberra is an ideal place for cycling, fishing, sailing cricket, football or simply lying on one of the idyllic beaches located all over this republic. If you are searching for a unique honeymoon getaway or a family free frolic, Canberra is the place to take a load off.


Surprisingly, an American designed the city of Canberra. The architect Walter Burley Griffin created it with a vision to hold a multitude of parks and gardens which separates it from the usual landscape many foreigners assume Australia contains. Though there is a variety of landscapes around the nation this city is exceptionally green on purpose. The vision Griffin built was a city full of lush green gardens and luxurious parks.


Heat and humidity is characteristically imagined when thinking of weather in this country. Though, there are a distinct climates around the nation. This area has their weather greatly affected by coastal weather patterns. The city has plenty of sunshine. In fact, it has an average of 8 hours of sunshine year round

There is more than one season. In fact, there is actually a hot dry summer and a chilly winter. With seasons the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, it is unusual to visit in July and discover winter weather. New Years Day is hot and dry.

Our winters are their summers. They have summer while we enjoy winter. This is why "snow birds" from America's cold climates are bypassing Florida and opting for Australia instead.



Parliamentary Triangle is the centerpiece for the majority of key attractions of Canberra city. The Parliamentary Triangle lies toward the south and north of Lake Burley Griffin. This pivotal local is wonderful for tourist unfamiliar with the geography of the area.

One of the scenic attractions is The Australian War Memorial which was constructed to memorialize 102,000 Australian service men and women with The Hall of Memory. The Hall of Memory features one of the world’s largest mosaics. The amazing thing about the construction of the war memorial is it was built with the help of the widows and widowers of the 102,000 service men and women it memorializes.

The National Gallery which is situated on the north shore of one of the largest lakes in the area. The gallery has the best collection of art in the country including one of the only aboriginal contributions to the 20th century.


There are a variety of eateries. Fine dining as well as grungy cafes are located all around. There are vegan places to eat and surprisingly a large amount of health food sources. With the population a cultural mix of lots of European descendants the food is a reflection of this. Expect to have anything and everything you have at home with a few of the local dishes in for fun.

There are more than a few places to discover boutique beer and genuine Australia eats. Aborigine dishes and treats are all over the city for tasting. Wine bars and vodka bars are appealing for out of town guests and give a unique experience for the average traveler. An annual wine event brings experts and tasters from all over the globe.

In conclusion

Positively stuffed full of culture and history there is no shortage of anything you would like in a vacation in this amazing city. With Melbourne and Sidney close enough to drive to , they are even a further extension of a bubbling metropolis full of everything Australian.

Canberra is one of the most beautiful places located on earth and a full vacation of memories to last a lifetime for anyone brave enough to try something different from the usual beach adventure.

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This is a wonderful video of a trip to Canberra.

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      Austrailia is definitely on my bucket list! Interesting article!