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I've been unemployed from the security field since March of 2009. I lost my man to cancer in October of 2009 and took up writing to deal with the grief. On my way from his funeral I found a kitten and started writing about my kitten for pictures-of-cats.org. I'm also a member of Cat Writer's Association.

My goal is to become famous enough to where people see my name and want to read my story. I write about animal abuse and also about the good things different rescues and groups are doing in the animal world. My cat stories will always be on pictures-of-cats.org and the dog stories here.

I want to educate my readers about the good and the bad going on in the animal world. A lot of pets are suffering because people are very naive and still have the 1950's mentality that all love animals. Unfortunately this isn't true and we must understand this in order to protect our pets.

I write because I enjoy it. If I make a name for myself in the animal world that is simply an added bonus.

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