Editorial Policy

HubPages.com’s mission is for our community and readers to discover and create original, in-depth, useful, media-rich pages on topics they are passionate about. We have created a suite of Network Sites to showcase the best articles on HubPages.

The following Editorial Policy is to provide information for potential authors who would like their work on one of our Network Sites, e.g., Bellatory.com, our beauty site, PetHelpful.com, our pet site, or Delishably.com, our food and recipe domain. Site-specific Editorial Policies can be found by clicking on the site name on this page.

Potential authors can sign-up on HubPages.com or on the Network Site where they would like to write and must pass HubPages’s quality assessment program before being published on a Network Site. Only articles that are of the highest quality will have the opportunity to move from HubPages.com to a Network Site.

All authors on Network Sites will:

All articles on Network Sites will:

*Articles should meet our definition of an 8 or better in our Informational Writing Scale.

In a nutshell…

We are looking for authors with a genuine interest in the article’s topic and whose main motivation is to inform and inspire (not to make money). Authors should have a unique perspective and be willing to share their personal experiences with their readers. Articles should be well written, have original insights into the topic, include high-quality media (preferably original), and contain no spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or spammy elements.

We are not looking for articles that have been published elsewhere, are simple regurgitations of content, or that are written purely to promote a blog or brand. We are also not looking for authors whose main motivation is to make money via unnecessary links, products, or spammy SEO practices—if money is your only goal, our Network Sites are not the right venue for your information.

Examples of Network Site articles that meet our quality standards:

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