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From Scotland, living in Canada. Apparently, I am au contraire, against the grain, unusual, unique, multifaceted - a bit of a 'Sybil'. But the good thing about that is, I often collaborate with my inner selves to bring unpredictable elements to my writing. What you'll find here is humour, in fiction & non fiction, the odd poem and photography - whatever takes 'our' fancy.

For more personal info on me, should you be so inclined, or about my novels and short stories as well as the ramblings of my blog there are links on my personal website here at the right where there are links to my blog and books (S P Mount on Amazon and Smashwords).

I absolutely love to write, and now that I've joined Hubpages, I've found a new hobby too to complement much of it; sharing my photography from around the world.  You can also have a look at my Pinterest page to see what inspires the people and places of some of the books I've written.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.


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