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Hi, its Annie, and you know, every neighborhod needs a friendly nurse. I worked in many areas of nursing for 20+ years and had to stop the work that I loved, hospice nursing, for health reasons.

I then became a successful freelancer for newspapers, nursing magazines and then became a contributing editor for one magazine. I have articles at HubPages and I have a blog here. 

Much of what I've written was to advance the public perception of nurses. Nurses are often asked, you're "Just a Nurse?" Well, I'm here to tell you that nurses do a lot to promote health care in our country.

I also used the 'power of the pen' to advocate for the creation of a position for a National Nurse in the United States Public Health System and preventative care.

Those who work in healthcare in any capacity must be very knowledgable about health, they need to be technically proficient and must also be strong patient advocates, compassionate and understanding.

Many of the hubs I've written are related to healthcare; but not all. I try to write hubs about what I think at the moment and hope that the content will appeal to you. 

For example, I've written several travel articles for magazines, one on travel in the Colorado Rockies and another article on things to see and do in the 2nd city, Chicago.

I need to share this; not long ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who'd seen an article I'd written 7 YEARS AGO. The subject material appealed to him. Was I flattered or what? 

Now, I'm involved in several writing groups, have written a few more articles for publication. Much of my writing has been about clinical situations or clinical information; but writing it in a way that nurses want to read it and find it easier to understand. Examples? Stem cells! Bone infarcts from prednisone?

I'm also 'dabbling' in the world of fiction writing; making up and spinning a yarn is fun, but challenging. For the mind trained in objectivity, fitting a square peg into a round hold isn't easy.

So, we can share hubs and comments, each of us learning from the other. In the words of Humphrey Bogart to Claud Rains in the movie, Casablanca, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

My favorite films might find their way into a hub or two. But first, I've got a few hubs that I'd like to finish and THEN, I'll do a movie review or something like that!

Currently, I live outside Chicago with my husband and our 'dogter' (a darling basset/beagle).



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